Date idea:


By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 3 Hours 





Long before Shakespeare penned his famous tale of star-cross’d lovers, those luminous cosmic spheres have been associated with romance and love. If there’s a special someone in your life who you would like to impress, you can’t do better than planning an evening of gazing at some of the universe’s most wondrous creations! Pack a warm blanket, cuddle up together and look for a shooting star.


  • Clear Nighttime Skies
  • Warm Blanket
  • Hot Beverages and a Light Snack
  • Soft Music
  • Map of the Stars


  1. Weather conditions, location and timing should be vital considerations when planning an evening of stargazing for you and your partner. Crystal clear skies are a necessity for appreciating the universe’s most spectacular lightshows!
  2. Weather - In order to see as many stars as possible, check the weather report ahead of time for high nighttime visibility. Many international websites, such as Metcheck, offer satellite and radar forecasts tailored to astronomers.
  3. Location - Dark skies are stars’ best friends! Leave cities and large towns behind and travel towards more rural or remote areas far from artificial light and excess pollution.
  4. Timing - While full moons can be romantic in and of themselves, they light up the sky in such a way that makes stars harder to see. Opt for a time of the month when the moon is small. In most climates, winter often presents the clearest night skies. Likewise, if you live near a desert, their big skies are worth a visit!
  5. Choose the setting. If you live in a quiet, remote area and it isn’t too cold, find a place in your backyard or in a (safe) local park or field to sit together. If you’re further away from the countryside or it’s winter, you’ll need to drive your car to the site. Clean your car first so you can both full enjoy the evening!
  6. Be prepared. Even balmy summer evenings can become cool in the wee hours of the morning when stars are at their finest! Which will only add to the mood, as it’s a great opportunity to cuddle under a warm blanket. Pack one just big enough for two, along with a thermos of hot chocolate, mulled wine or hot cider and a small snack.
  7. Soft background music will help set the mood! Select romantic music that you know your partner likes to increase the chance of a spontaneous star-lit dance.
  8. If you or your date is the curious or bookish type, take along a map of the stars or memorise some constellations ahead of time to point out to them on your date. But only for a short while, remember that your attention should be on your date!

Date Tip

There aren’t many activities you plan for a date that are sweeter or more intimate than a night spent together under a beautiful, sparkling sky! But you can’t plan for shooting stars, so don’t put any pressure on yourself. Ask your date questions about themselves, but don’t be afraid to let the conversation slow down. This is a date to relax and linger over.
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