Date idea:

Breakfast Date

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 




 First Date 

If you haven’t tried the breakfast date yet, then you’ve been missing out! Cheaper than buying a couple rounds of drinks and with a built-in time limit, taking a first date to breakfast will make you appear original and imaginative without taking either of you too far out of your comfort zones. Simply meet at a favorite diner on a weekend morning and start getting to know each other! This is an absolutely pressure-free date. You’re likely to have plenty to discuss and you’ll get to see what they look like in daylight, minus the beer goggles! And hey, if things go really well - you’ll already know how they like their eggs...


  1. This is quite possibly the easiest and most enjoyable first date to plan. Find out where your date lives and choose a breakfast-serving diner or restaurant that’s central to you both or a bit closer to them. It’s hard to ruin eggs, but still a good idea to get some feedback or check reviews before deciding on a place you’ve never been before.
  2. Skip the reservations! Plan for a Saturday morning (Sundays tend to be busier brunch days), about 10:00am and show up. No reservations required! And because this is a daytime date, you can dress more casually than you would if meeting at a bar on a Friday night. Strive to look nice, but natural. Good advice for women is to go easy on the makeup (which always looks harsher in the daylight) and wear something simple. Leave the stilettos at home.
  3. On the date. Mind your manners and pay lots of attention to your date, asking questions about their work, family, hobbies, etc. If you’re a bit nervous about having things to talk about, choose a window table where you can people watch and quickly browse the front page of the day’s newspaper for discussion points.
  4. Short and sweet. Breakfast should take about an hour from start to finish. If you really like each other, you may find yourselves ordering a string of coffee refills, just don’t stretch it out for longer than you both seem to want.

Date Tip

This is pefect for busy schedules and blind dates, when you may not want to invest a lot of time or money. That said, consider leaving your post-breakfast plans up in the air. You may have an amazing time and end up wanting to spend the day together!
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