Celebrate Independence from These 5 Dating Habits

By: Rosie Valentine |

Online Dating

1218723_24078185On July 4th, Americans celebrate a pretty big thing – our independence. There will be fireworks, barbecues, and all kinds of other festivities. But really, independence from anything is a cause for a celebration.  So while your sipping margaritas and munching hot dogs, celebrate your independence from these 5 dating habits.

Over analyzing everything

I will openly admit that this one was always hard for me. I blame it on the fact that I was once a Psych major. Analyzing how you feel about something/someone is never a bad thing. However, analyzing everything the other person says and does is a total different story. Sure, maybe there are a few signs and things you can pick up on but you really have to just wait it out and see. And, if you’re too busy analyzing his/her every move you’ll surely miss out on all the fun parts of dating.

Being too picky

It’s OK to have standards in dating. In fact, you really should have some. You want to make sure you’re compatible and want the same things, but picking apart every little detail about a person is never a good thing. Neither is dismissing someone for shallow reasons. So if you’re on a date with someone with a funny laugh or crazy socks try to let it go and see if there’s actually something there.

Online stalking

It’s really easy to Google someone new and find anything and everything you can find. And, with things like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram it can be really easy to find all kinds of information. But all online stalking does make you to judge a person before you’ve had a change to know (and understand them). So no matter how hard the temptation is, just say no.

Being stuck in the past

When you’ve been dating for what feels like 100 years, it’s only inevitable that you’re going to have some unfriendly things in your past. But that’s where all of it should stay.  Don’t assume someone new will turn out just like the past. Instead, give it a chance to what can develop.

Holding out for rom com romance

Sure, they are super entertaining on the big screen and we all get that warm fuzzy feeling when we watch them. But the honest truth is – real life is nothing like you see in the movies.  Romance is real and it truly exists but instead of modeling after the latest blockbuster, figure out what that means for you (and the person you’re with).