How To Flirt On Instagram

Are you guys on Instagram? It seems like everyone I know has an “IG” account these days, and turns out that between all of the (slightly disgusting) food and sunset photos, there is a lot of flirting going on! I have a few friends who are online dating, and one of the first things they ask potential dates is “Are you on Instagram?” IG is so popular because it’s a form of micro-blogging, meaning that you can quickly tell a lot about someone just by scrolling through the photos on their feed. I know a few couples who even met on Instagram. Depending on what you see in someone’s photo feed, the results can be great…or absolutely terrible. Just like with any social media outlet, the information you share can backfire. Here are some tips on how to flirt on Instagram.

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1. Don’t Be a Creep About It.
Instagram is a creeper’s heaven, but before you go insta-stalking your date, get a hold of yourself. Obsessively “liking” someone’s photos before you’ve even met them in person can come off as desperate, even if you have the best intentions. My general rule is to avoid any social media interaction until you’ve established a connection in person. No follows, no friend requests, no likes, no tagging…nada. It’s also important not to allow yourself to dig too deep in a date’s personal life at first. It’s all too easy to find out who someone’s ex is and start following them, or creep your date’s sister’s IG feed, but the problem with so much accessible information is that we tend to stumble upon thing we didn’t want, or need, to see. If you end up dating each other seriously, you’ll find out everything you need to know in real life. Don’t let Instagram cloud your vision.

2. Be Yourself.
If you absolutely LOVE photographing your shoe collection, what you had for dinner or think you look particularly hot and want to document it with a selfie, do it! Instagram is a great way for someone you’re dating to get to know the real you. Don’t post things that you think they want to see, or things you hope will impress them.

3. After You Meet, Interact.
Simply filtering and uploading photo after photo is a boring way to use Instagram, and a terrible way to flirt. As with any social media platform, you’ll get the most out of it if you use it as a way to communicate with others-in this case, your crush…once you’ve met in person, of course. Leave a few comments on his or her photos, even throw out a few hashtags if you’re feeling particularly feisty.

4. Don’t Instagram Your Date.
There is a big difference between instagramming a photo of you and your boyfriend versus putting up pictures of you and a guy you just met online. First of all, not every date needs to be documented online, and secondly, if the date goes sour as first (or second!) dates have been known to do, do you really want a visual reminder of a night gone wrong? Not to mention having to explain to your friends who that random guy on your IG feed is…awkward.

5. Take Everything With a Grain Of Salt.
Sure, a photo is worth a thousand words, but don’t believe everything you see. For all intents and purposes, this is still the internet. Remember that photos on Instagram are most likely heavily edited, filtered beyond recognition and probably staged. Basically, don’t judge someone too harshly based solely on their IG feed. What truly matters is the time you spend together in person, cell phones put away!

Are you on Instagram? Do you flirt on social media?

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3 responses to “How To Flirt On Instagram”

  1. Lelala Avatar

    Interesting idea, to put up a flirt/date just based on pictures 🙂
    Pretty cool: Instead of texting, you would send lot of images between yourself and the potential mate… 🙂

  2. Katie Avatar

    My crush recently got an Instagram and I don’t know if I should comment on my favorite pic of him and tell him its my favorite pic and he has a cute smile. What should I do?

  3. Spencer Avatar

    Comment a question. Then lead up to telling him he has a cute smile. Then if you wanna date him start asking him stuff about him. Get to know him. Let him get to know you. Hope that helps !

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