25 Women Reveal What They Find Unattractive About Men…

After last week’s no holds barred revelations about the things men find unattractive about women, it’s time to let the ladies speak their minds and disclose their top turn-offs.


From bad shoes to neediness to lack of ambition and arrogance; guys, if you’ve ever wondered what traits women detest, here’s the lowdown from 25 women around the world:


1) “I think this question boils down to two determining factors – arrogance versus confidence. I need a guy confident in himself who knows what he wants and knows how to make me interested. If you’re nervous with sweaty palms, sorry but I don’t find that cute. Approach with confidence but NOT arrogance. I know it’s a fine line but it’s imperative you don’t come across as an arrogant baboon. Final turnoff – bad trainers.”

2) “Narrow shoulders, long nails, moobs, lazy eye, stingy with money.”

3) “I am Italian and this is what I find unattractive about men: the ageing lothario or as we say in Italy ‘vecchio sporcaccione’ – a guy who used to be a ‘gigolo’ and still thinks he is, with the wet look (I mean greasy) mullet hairstyle swept back. Speedos on the beach almost hidden by a huge paunch. These men don’t believe they have aged, they still think they are so attractive. Guys, the huge gold rings and the enormous medallion which glistens in the forest of hair on your chest is a big big turn off. I like a man to age gracefully – and not still have the same hairstyle and behave as if he was still a teenager.”

4) “There’s nothing worse than arrogance. I don’t mind a guy who’s confident, that’s quite sexy, but don’t cross the line – talking endlessly about yourself, your job, your car, how amazing you are at rugby and all the women you’ve pulled won’t do you any favours. Also, not having anything to say for himself; I hate going on a date with a guy and having to make all of the conversation – I feel like I’m in the Vagina Monologues, talking him to death! It’s much more attractive when a guy has interests – reading, music, sport, politics, even Morris Dancing – anything that sets you apart and shows you have individual passions and interests is much more exciting than eat, sleep, work, repeat.”

5) “Arrogance! Acting like a different person when they are with their buddies, poorly maintained facial hair, or men who treat women like objects.”

6) “When they act like they think they are better than you, arrogance, player like behaviour, sleaziness, when it seems like they are only interested in sex and not you as a person, anyone jobless, being clingy, no ambition, moodiness and bitchiness – yes it does exist in men. When they expect you to pay half on a date…like what is that? When they expect you to travel to go to see them for a date…or meet half way. Aggression isn’t something attractive either, also no personality, like when they can’t make you laugh or are super serious. Finally – Mummies boys.”

7) “Bad attitude, someone who thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread, lack of patience, bad personal hygiene, bushy eyebrows, lack of independence, lack of aspirations.”

8) “Smelly, bad breath…there’s no excuse. No matter how hot you are, if you smell, it’s a massive turn off. Also I swear I have actually fancied a guy before just because he smelt so good! Clingy, not independent, too self conscious…I think I’m quite independent myself so I would like someone to be the same or even better, more confident and independent to keep me on my toes! Rude, angry, judgemental – you wouldn’t want to take someone like that to meet your friends or family. When I meet a guy who’s rude or angry I always just feel sorry for them which is not attractive. Lazy and negative- I like a guy to be energetic and positive about life, it makes them seem like their going somewhere in life and makes me feel good too.”

9) “Long hair would instantly make me turn away. I find guys that drink too much really unattractive, like they’re proving something or using alcohol for confidence (or comfort). If I was chatting to him and found he was a victim…usual suspect of ‘ex and I split up, I got run over, my hamster died and I have a dead end job, life isn’t great, but hey, marry me and you’ll have a great life.’ Mr Victim won’t see a girl for dust, she’ll be chatting to Mr Make-It-Happen. Arrogance is a big no-no too. Lastly, a man who eats with his mouth open. This goes for any person, girl or boy, but generally men are messy eaters. I’ve seen your steak and chips on the plate, I don’t need to see it again, thanks!”

10) “The open hearted and ‘natural’ expression regarding their own body functions; farting, burping, scratching their more intimate parts, all in public is NOT attractive. Also I find men who cry over movies very unattractive and guys who act like a house wife. Also, size does matter!”

11) “Dirty fingernails, stingy and arrogant!”

12) “Arrogance but also extreme shyness, a lack of conviction, no motivation, no morals, womaniser, lack of curiosity in the world around them, unintelligence. Physically – loads of piercings and excessive tattoos, skinny, feminine frame, bald patches (if it’s going, just embrace it and go skin-head), short men (shorter than me).”

13) “Bad clothes, bad breath, bad attitude.”

14) “Players and guys who pull funny faces – like putting their tongue out to try and be cute, it creeps me out. Arrogance – a little bit is good, but there’s a fine line. Guys who care too much about their appearance and are too muscly, wax or shave their legs, have shaped eyebrows or talk about the gym or exercise all the time. Also guys who don’t care enough, have bad shoes, greasy hair, even if it’s greased on purpose, pony tails and dirty fingernails. On the fashion front – guys whose shorts are too short, skinny jeans, crocs and those suits youngish city workers wear…they always look a bit too small! I don’t like guys who are sheep and try to look cool in front of their mates, but won’t do their own thing…like Danny Zuko at the beginning of Grease! Also, guys who aren’t passionate, have no sense of humour are bad kissers. Guys who act like David Brent. Finally, the guy who makes you feel like the most special girl in the world. You know the one, with the smooth lines, tells you you’re beautiful…only to work out he’s telling that to about 10 people!”

15) “EGO is the most unattractive thing – guys who they are God’s gift. They think women love them, but we don’t. Well, we usually do for a bit and then we see through them. Also guys that say: “I really like you but I don’t want a girlfriend.” Guys who are silent in the bedroom and guys who don’t groom downstairs. Clingy guys, bigots and guys who wear tight old school briefs and not sexy boxer briefs. Also hate it when men click their fingers, like each and every one. I know some women do it but it’s mostly guys and it’s…urgh! Finally – guys that keep one dread, like a rat’s tail.”

16) “Guys who are chatting you up, but have one eye over your shoulder in case a better option walks in while I’m thinking: “you wish, I’m going to be the best option you’re getting all night and even I’m feeling luke warm about your arrogance. How about you go check your hair in the mirror one more time while I escape to the dance floor.” Speaking of dance floors – guys who can’t dance. Also, guys who crush your hand when they shake it. Seriously? We’re not competing for a promotion to MD, I’m confident your balls are bigger than mine (given I don’t have any). If I extend you the courtesy of my hand, extend me the courtesy of not abusing or breaking it.
An obvious one is lazy lovers, you know, the kind who just want to lie there and have you do ALL the work or, worse, want you to lie there and do nothing at all. Bad breath, particularly from cigarettes and also bad kissers. Guys who have no ambition and just want to spend their life doing the same job just to go to the same pub each Thursday. Super jealous guys, and guys who don’t know a spatula from a corkscrew – when did men stop being hunter gatherers? Guys who are sexist – scarily too many men living in the 21st century who don’t accept or get that women are different but equal. A woman’s place isn’t actually in the kitchen, unless she wants it to be. Guys who try to take advantage of drunk girls. Finally, if anything is going to drive me to murder, it’s a bed hog and a loud snorer!”

17) “Bad teeth are a major put off for me. Really drunk men and men that shout to you from a distance or their car – do they really think were going to fall in love them when they hurl a load of sexual innuendoes at us?”

18) ” 1) Indecisiveness – ie. for a first date, just let me know where and when, don’t constantly seek my validation for his idea. 2) Cowardice – they need to be able to face up to tough conversations and know that a strong relationship can handle those. 3) Scruffiness – I didn’t wake up looking like this so they shouldn’t turn up looking like they just rolled out of bed either. 4) General knowledge – a lack of awareness or interest in current affairs isn’t cute. Know enough to have an opinion. 5) Lack of ambition – I’m working hard and going places so if his time is mostly spent playing video games or in bars then I’m not interested. However if he does work hard then I can get why he plays hard too.”

19) “The most unattractive thing is lack of ambition; a man should want to aim high. Also a man who doesn’t look after himself – whether that be going gym or beauty treatment, just something. Also, a lack of confidence – if he’s too shy to say hi it’s a no-go.”

20) “Long hair and macho guys who don’t like to express themselves. I remember my ex stopped holding my hand once because his guy mates took the mick – that’s not attractive at all!”

21) “Men who are arrogant and filled with self importance is a massive turn off. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Men who can’t talk about there feelings or feel that they don’t need to discuss issues because they can deal with it alone and when they don’t think you can be best friends with their partner. Looks don’t really come in to it as it’s all about the personality at the end of the day. Looks go eventually but if you are a nice person and treat your partner with respect then you are on to a winner!”

22) “I find it unattractive when men cross the line from being confident to being downright cocky. A good looking guy can easily become unattractive by thinking he’s God’s gift and expecting women to fall at his feet. There is nothing worse! Having no sense of humour is also unattractive, personally I think being able to have a laugh with someone is key to a strong relationship. I also don’t like boastful behaviour, bad manners or immaturity. Physically, poor grooming and hygiene has to be up there. Dirty nails are my pet hate, so guys, it’s totally acceptable to give yourself a mini manicure every now and then!”

23) “Someone who doesn’t read, or doesn’t enjoy books. It says so much about a man. Also guys that wear all designer. That’s a bit off putting to say the least. When you’re out with them, they’re like a mugger’s main target. I don’t need to deal with that!”

24) “Misogynistic men. Bad hygiene is also top of my list, followed closely by unmotivated lazy men.”

25) “Where do I start? The drunk who THINKS he’s the life and soul and thinks he’s so amusing. He ‘dances’ waving his hands and swivelling his hips and if he’s got money or has paid for everyone’s drinks, all his sycophants will be pretending they are laughing at how funny he is (you can see them all cringing). Once he’s got a captivated audience, he will start to do a striptease on the table, he looks so pathetic. Losing his temper with staff at a restaurant either complaining about the food or the service or even the wine, very loudly drawing attention to himself. This just shows how low class he is and that he’s a total embarrassment in public. Being ill-mannered is certainly very very ugly. So finding a person unattractive for me has nothing to do with looks, it’s all to do with his demeanour!”

So there you have  it – the results are in and the number one thing that ladies find unattractive in men is…arrogance. Of course we all love a confident, self-assured guy who can hold his own, but it’s very off-putting if a guy is egotistic, boastful and acts as if he is superior to everyone. A bit of humility goes a long way. It’s crucial that men understand where the line is between confidence and arrogance, and then make sure they don’t cross it!

Many ladies picked up on the topic of personal hygiene; bad grooming and not making any effort is a serious no-no. Dirty nails, long hair and bad breath were mentioned several times. Guys should make the effort to look after themselves, but not go too far, as excessive grooming can also be turn off. So yes make the effort, but don’t turn up waxed, plucked and preened to perfection with silky smooth legs and gelled hair like Ace Ventura!

As for the ladies who commented about bad shoes, I definitely agree with this – as the old saying goes: ‘you can tell everything about a man by his shoes’, so ditch those grotty trainers boys, as we’re definitely looking! Unambitious lazy guys are another big turn off, as are guys who are tight with money. Generosity, passion for life and motivation all go a long way.

So boys – show an interest in the world around you, have a passion for life, act like a gentleman and dress to impress. Remember these points and you’ll be well on the way to being a woman magnet! Good luck!

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13 responses to “25 Women Reveal What They Find Unattractive About Men…”

  1. John smith Avatar
    John smith

    Either you have a way to demanding requirement making you put 25 things or your just that bad a writer but I can do the whole list in 4 things.
    1. Respect
    2. interesting (humor, ambition etc…)
    3. maintenance (hygeiene, exercises, style etc…)
    4. Confidence
    Well if I listen to your advice this list is lazy and not funny
    so maybe you should start following your own advice. Cheers 🙂

    1. Alicia Drewnicki Avatar

      Hi John,

      It was 25 quotes from different women, because the previous week we had 25 quotes from different men so it made sense to get an equal number of responses for each article.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article and share your own list.

  2. Jess Avatar

    I can’t believe that no one has posted a comment! This is an incredible list and one that I couldn’t have written myself. Men pay attention and improve yourself.

    1. Alicia Drewnicki Avatar

      Thanks so much Jess for your lovely comment! So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Matt Avatar

    As a guy, I can definitely see how these are turn offs for women, but again as a guy, some of these characteristics go both ways. Nobody, guy or girl, wants someone unmotivated, arrogant, or with bad hyrgeine( bad breath yuck!). #23 is my favorite. A woman admitted to me the other day that she had never finished a book…wtf you dont read? Interesting article.

    1. Alicia Drewnicki Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it Matt! It’s certainly true that a lot of these characteristics apply to both men and women – bad hygiene is definitely a universal ‘no go!’ An interesting observation is that men mentioned physical turn-offs a lot more in their article and women seemed to talk more about unattractive personality traits like arrogance. You’re right #23 is a good one. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Akingbade Avatar

    Wow.. but dnt forget not everyone is always perfect.. but still…its quite helpful tho.. nice work.. keep it up.. 🙂

    1. Alicia Drewnicki Avatar

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 You’re right on that one – no one is perfect! Glad it was helpful and you enjoyed it!

  5. hassaan Avatar

    I don’t think any person in the world can have all the qualities listed above. Its just not possible!

    1. Alicia Drewnicki Avatar

      Hi Hassaan! This is true – I think Superman would even struggle to tick every desired box but hopefully it was useful to hear the ladies’ views on the things they dislike the most. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Ali Avatar

    This was a great article, however I think if a woman likes a guy at a first date, that’s every thing. Most of the women care about your prestige and appearance, because these two show your personality. I suggest if you let them talk then the problem is solved easily.

  7. rk Avatar

    Interesting article… Enjoyed totally ..:-):-)

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