Port Elizabeth

Best First Date Ideas in Eastern Cape

Port Elizabeth Port Elizabeth is known as the windy city because the wind never stops blowing. It’s not quite as densely populated as the other big cities in South Africa, but it does offer a lot fun options for fun dates. Whether it’s your first date or whether you’re just looking for something fun, Port Elizabeth has a date for everyone.

Best First Date Idea In Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth - Broadwalk Casino First dates are always tricky. You don’t want it to be too serious, too romantic or too intense. Opting for something casual is the best way. The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment world is a safe option for a first date. Forget the “Casino” part of it, the Boardwalk offers a number of entertainment venues and restaurants. If you’re looking for a quiet dinner, opt for one of the many restaurants or if you want a little bit more pizazz, check out the Action Bar for anything from cabaret to jazz shows.

Dating Sites In Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth - Sunset drive Port Elizabeth offers many beautiful landscapes just a short drive from the city. Ibhayi Sunshine Saunter Route is a popular choice for some of the best views of the ocean. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see some whales and dolphins while having lunch at Barnacles Restaurant. The route begins at the PE beachfront and follows the Marine Drive going past Cape Recife and the Willows to Schoenmakerskop. You’ll eventually pass Sardinia Bay and return via Colleen Glen and Kragga Kamma Road. It’s a stunning trip to do at sunset, or drive it a little bit earlier and take a few finger foods to enjoy at a lookout point. Picture source

Best Adventurous Date Idea In Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth Kragga_Kamma_ The Kragga Kamma Game Park allows you to stop off and play with real-life cheetahs! It’s perhaps not adventurous in the traditional sense of the word, but it certainly is something different and fun. The cheetah cage often has BBQs – or as South Africans say: braais – where you can camp out and observe the game roaming area. Make sure you make a whole day of this adventure. Image source

Best Day Date Idea In Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth - Marine Life centre If you and your lover are into sea life, why not visit the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre? It’s located in the Cape Recife Nature reserve and its purpose is to both rescue and rehabilitate injured marine life. It also aims to educate the public through different programmes. You can opt for a tour through the centre and if you’re looking for something really different – sign up to be a volunteer for a weekend. Before you do that, though, take a virtual tour to see if it’s your thing. Contact the call centre on: +27 (0) 41 582 2575 to see how you can get involved.