Best First Date Ideas in KwaZulu-Natal

pieter Pietermaritzburg is the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal and is famous for an incident involving Gandhi. Back in 1893, Ghandi had a first class train ticket, but a white man objected to his presence int he carriage. He was told to move to the van compartment, but refused and was thrown off the train. Despite spending all night shivering in the cold in the station’s waiting room, Gandhi decided to stay in South Africa and fight the racial discrimination taking place against Indians. Gandhi has a bronze statue in Church Square.

The African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Pietermaritzburg - Birds of PreyThe African Bird of Prey Sanctuary makes an ideal venue for a first date. The sanctuary stretchers over 60 hectares of valley bushveld and is a haven to the widest selection of indigenous raptors in Africa. The Kestrel Cafe offers casual meals, but you are more than welcome to pack your own picnic for the date. It’s a different approach to a first date, but it’s something you’ll always remember.

Dating Sites in Pietermaritzburg

pietermaritzburg olive oil restaurant Olive & Oil restaurant is a popular restaurant in Pietermaritzburg which is ideal for a first date. The cosy atmosphere and the excellent food makes it a great choice. It is located in the Cascades Shopping Centre in the Montrose area. It offers views to the green forests or a deck area – ideal for the romantic dinner date. Image source

Epic Karting

Pietermaritzburg - go karting Go Karting is great fun and it can be a great date. Epic Karting in Pietermaritzburg is the perfect spot for a bit of go-karting. There are a number of options – from a 10-lap dash to a 15 minute “Burning Rubber” option. They are different because there are no speed limits at the track, Do check with your partner how they feel about Go Karting before you book it, though, it’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, you also try paintballing. Once again, do check with your partner how they feel about being shot at with balls of paint.

Butterflies for Africa

Pietermaritzburg - butterflies Butterflies for Africa is home to loads of tropical butterflies. visitors walk through the centre, amongst the butterflies. The centre also houses fish, birds monkeys and all kinds of other critters. There’s a coffee shop, an art gallery as well as an outdoor garden and a theme store to make a brilliant day out of a causal date. Entrance fee is R37 per adult and the centre is open Tuesdays to Sundays.