Cape Town

Best First Date Ideas in Western Cape

enture date -hot air balloon - Cape Town As one of the most picturesque cites in the world, Cape Town is ideal for real romantic dating. Whether the outdoors is your thing or whether you’re looking for something a little bit more intimate, it’s hard to go wrong when dating in Cape Town, South Africa. Image via Bobolink on Flickr

The Best Place To Take a First Date In Cape Town

370171899_e4713603a9_b Try a picnic! From Signal Hill to Sunset Beach, Cape Town isn’t short on picnic spots. The locations are endless, but the most popular are Signal Hill, Table Mountain, Kirsten Bosch Botanical Gardens and Camps Bay’s white sandy beaches. Picnics are great for a first date because it really gives you the chance to bond with your potential love interest and you get to show off your food skills. Get creative with what you pack, remember the wet wipes to clean your hands and stock up on the bubbly. If you’re not brave enough to put together your own picnic bits for a first date, most supermarkets stock picnic-friendly bits and bobs, just remove them from the packaging before going out. Otherwise, contact the Picnic Company, who offer great picnic baskets specifically designed for two. One tip, though: check the wind forecast before you plan a picnic outdoors. The South Easter has no mercy and will blow you and your date away – and not in the good way.
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Dating Sites In Cape Town

8334822145_265f04a523_bGo Ice Skating at GrandWest. Talk about breaking the ice. Hopefully, not literally when you opt for an ice skating session at the GrandWest Casino. It costs less than R50 for a two and a half hour session and if you get bored, or hurt, you can always pop out and enjoy a meal or a drink at one of the many restaurants and bars available in the casino complex. There’s no need to book and you don’t even need your own skates. image via Antoinette Muieller on Flickr

Best Romantic Date Idea In Cape Town

st date - boat ride - Cape Town If super romance is what you’re after for your first date, you can’t go wrong by taking a boat cruise out into the glowing ocean. The Waterfront Boat Company runs different scheduled boat trips all around the year. The most popular option is the Sunset Champagne Cruise. It’s a one-and-a-half hour trip which leaves early evening. The route offers two options: across Table Bay or across the Atlantic Seaboard towards Clifton. You and your sweetheart will be given two glasses of free sparkling wine which you can sip on while the vessel rest in Granger Bay and the sun disappears. If you’re looking to impress on your first date, you can even opt for the more expensive Cruise and Dine option which includes a three-course meal at one of three selected V&A restaurants. Bookings are essential for this one and, once again, check the wind. While the boat will set sail on windy days, the relentless South Easter has a way of ruining a romantic experience. image via Antoinette Muieller on Flickr

Adventurous Date Ideas In Cape Town

8136246230_4227a644b4_b A quarter of the world’s shark species cruise around South Africa’s water. That’s 98 types of sharks in the Saffa seas and 40 of those cruise around Cape Town. You and your sweetheart are safe from becoming sweet breads, of course, you’ll be safely tucked in a cage. Gansbaai is the best option, since it’s the white shark capital of the world. Shark cage diving is very popular here with the tourism bureau endorsing eight companies. Prices vary but can cost anything from R1100 a session. Image via richandalice on flickr