Alternative Dating in South Africa

Alternative Dating in South Africa

We Love Dates is an alternative dating site created to help bring alternative singles together to find friendship, romance and happiness. We work hard to try and make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for with someone who understands and appreciates your tastes and lifestyle! We want your next relationship to be our goal! If you’re an alternative single looking to find this, We Love Dates could help you!
If you’re single and have alternative tastes in things like music, tattoos and fashion, we try and make it easier for you to connect, match and find likeminded people online. Love and happiness is our end goal and everything here on We Love Dates is built to help you find exactly that! There’s never been a better time to find someone who is your ideal match!

Alternative Dating

Alternative dating online could be the most fun you’ve had on a dating site before! Our dating site helps you find people who have similar interests, hobbies and passions and could make your matching easy, seamless and fun! You can use We Love Dates to help you find and match with fellow single alternatives from further afield or from your local area – simply search for your type by location, it’s as easy as that!
Being a single that is interested in alternative things and lifestyles, you’ll understand the importance of unique taste, understanding and being a free spirit. It might be hugely important to you to match with someone who has similar tastes – be that a love of tattoos, piercings or a certain style of music; this means that the base of your relationship can be built on strong foundations with mutual passions and hobbies! Dating someone who has their own take on alternative fashion and styles means that they will understand how important your tastes are, what tattoo you’d like next and why being yourself is so important. They’ll be able to appreciate how important it is to find someone who is completely right for you!
With We Love Dates, you’ll be able to take dating on the go. This means that you could be getting to know someone new while your next tattoo is being needled in; you can chat to new friends that you’ve found online while sipping a glass of wine at home on a Saturday night; you can flirt and exchange messages with someone exciting and new while chilling at home watching tv.
You can take your new alternative completely at your own pace and date happily in your comfort zone – if life gets too hectic or it all gets too much, you can simply put your device down and come back to it at another time.
Alternative dating should be fun, it should fill you with anticipation, excitement and butterflies – we want to help you get that!

Alternative Dating Online

It’s time for you to enjoy dating! There’s never been a better time to embrace finding someone new and exciting to enjoy new days with. You can use We Love Dates easily to help tailor your dating journey so that it is totally bespoke to what you want!
You can search for potential matches by things like their location, age, build, appearance and more! If you’re looking for someone who is local, you can search for them! If you fancy someone from a totally new area, we can help you find that too!

Alternative Dating Tips

As a member of We Love Dates, you’ll be able to create your own profile and add details about yourself and your life. You’ll also be able to add photos and extras about yourself. Your profile is a great way to show off everything that’s amazing and cool about you – think of it as a shop window!
By adding recent and happy photos of yourself, you’ll give any potential suitors the chance to see the real, relaxed you!
Having a full, up to date and vibrant profile could help you find what you’re looking for easier – it could help potential suitors find out more about you before they get the courage to message you and introduce themselves. Your potential matches and new friends could learn about your love of things like clock tattoos, metal music or nights out and message you with similar hobbies!

Start Dating Alternative Singles

So, what are you waiting for? Join We Love Dates now and start searching, chatting and matching with like-minded alternative singles! Your next exciting relationship could be just a few clicks away!
Let We Love Dates take care of the matching and the science – all you need is to get your first date outfit on point!
The dating, socialising and romance opportunities are endless and you could soon find yourself matching and chatting with alternative singles that rock your world!
We Love Dates is a free dating site helping you find what’s been missing from your life – get ready to find new friends, build new relationships and even maybe find love!