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10 Date Ideas in San Jose

This city is the third largest by population in California, so you can expect to find lots of things to see and do, which is key for a smooth running date. San Jose caters to everyone, from sports games to rose gardens, comedy nights to opera recitals. Whatever your calling, San Jose is the place to discover it. So, brush off those first date nerves and get ready to enjoy a brilliant date with your lucky partner!

1. HP Pavillion

Hockey_San JoseKnown as the ‘Shark Tank’ this indoor arena makes a great date because the atmosphere is electric, especially when The Sharks are playing! Cheer them on as you get to know your date! The positive and friendly atmosphere will give you an extra confidence boost and you’ll both have a memorable date! Watching a sports game is a great idea because you’re still able to have conversation but the sound in the background will mask anyway silent moments and give you something to focus on.

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2. Heritage Rose Gardens

Rose Garden_San JoseIf you’re looking for romance, nothing ticks the box quite like this one. Set over 5 acres and boasting a variety of 3,700 rose bushes you’ll be in awe at the beauty of the gardens. Sit back on one of the benches and enjoy your surroundings, this will be a perfect environment for a first date. You could even take a picnic and make a day of it, it will certainly make a beautiful background! Walking around is a great date because it gives you the privacy to get to know your date really well without being sat opposite them which can be more daunting.

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3. Museum of Art

Museum of Art_San JoseThis gallery hosts contemporary Californian art with a variety of photography, paintings, glasswork and sculptures. The museum also hosts seminars, poetry readings and opera recitals which will be a perfect date for all of you creative folk! Galleries are always great for dating because you’ll have so much to see you’ll have plenty to talk about and you can bond over your shared interests

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4. Emilie’s

Emilies_San JoseThis exquisite restaurant will wow you with the interior alone. The contemporary European dining experience is not to be missed. The peppered salmon and scrumptious scallops are firm favourites and with special events such as masquerade dinner and murder mystery evenings you can make a classic wine and dine date slightly more unique and memorable! A dinner date will always be an impressive date, it’s tried and tested! If you’re worrying about conversation you can always refer to the food!

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5. San Pedro Square Market

San Pedro Square Market_San JoseThis place was made for a successful date! Attracting foodies, cocktail drinkers, history buffs, music lovers and everyone in-between! Over 25 unique stalls really bring everyone together and browsing through will be a great way to spend an afternoon! There’s weekly entertainment so you can sit and enjoy once you’ve had a look at the market goods!

6. Improv Comedy Club

Improv Comedy_San JoseEveryone has something in common, we all love a laugh! So take your date to Improv Comedy Club and score yourself some brownie points. There’s food and drinks available within the venue and with some fantastic acts on stage you certainly have a successful date. Seeing a show is always great because it’s something you experience together which makes you feel connected and you’ll also find you have plenty to talk about after the show!

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7. Santana Row

Santana Row_San JoseIf you’re looking for a casual date, you could head to Santana Row. You’ll find numerous quality restaurants catering for everyone with multiple cuisines available. It doesn’t matter what mood or time of day it is, you can expect to find pizza, cupcakes, steak, salad bars and so much more! Many of the restaurants also host ‘happy hour’ which could give the date a little more sparkle! There’s also a fine art picture house within Santana Row, which is perfect for catching an independent, foreign film or documentary.

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8. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House_San JoseThis would definitely be a unique date idea! Explore the Winchester Mystery House and all of its oddities. The backstory is that all of the dead spirits killed by firearms had haunted the Winchester family and told Sarah Winchester that unless she built the house to their specifications she would be haunted forever. The project cost her $5.5 million dollars and the mansion is every bit as intriguing as you can imagine, staircases leading to the ceiling, 6 kitchens, 47 fireplaces and only one shower. This spooky date will be memorable and be a total hit on the originality factor!

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9. Bowlmor

Bowling_San JoseBowling is a classic date idea, sure it can be a little cheesy but a little friendly competition didn’t hurt anyone and it’s all about embracing the retro feel and enjoying yourself! The bowling alley comes complete with a dining experience, you can find American favourites like pizza, hot dogs, burgers and fries and of course wash it down with some of their signature cocktails. After your game you can head to the arcade to continue! This is a great way to show off your playfulness and release your inner child!

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10. Original Gravity Pub

Craft Beer_San joseLocated in downtown San Jose, this pub has craft beers of the plenty and is always changing their collection! The buzzy atmosphere is great for getting to know your date as it’s a casual and laid back and you’ll find chatting over a beer will calm your nerves. There is also food available so you could easily spend the whole afternoon enjoying the pub!

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