New York City

Online Dating in New York City, New York

nycNew York City is great. The energy, the entertainment, the food, the big lights – it’s all simply breathtaking. And it creates the perfect atmosphere for a little romance which is great for a first date, second date, or one millionth date. Here are some of our favorite date ideas. Photo courtesy of wilhelmja (Flickr)

The HighLine

highlineIf you want the calm and outdoorsy feel of the park while still getting some stellar views of the city, the High Line is for you. It’s literally a park built on a rail line elevated over the streets of Manhattan. You walk from beginning to end, end to beginning, or even start in the middle. And, if things are going well, there are various places on the High Line to grab a refreshment or you can post up at a bar near one of the staircases. Photo courtesy of cristinabe (Flickr)

Ft. Tryon Park

ft tyronOne of New York City’s lesser known parks, Ft. Tryon is the perfect spot for a casual weekend date. Located in Washington Heights, you’ll get some of the most breathtaking views. And, you can have a whole day of experiences without having to get back on the subway. Check out the Cloisters, have a glass of wine and some food at the restaurant, and wander through the gardens. There is even a Medieval Festival in the fall. Photo courtesy of Charley Lhasa (Flickr)


Evening Cruise on the Hudson

hudsonIf you’re looking to dazzle your date with the stars and New York skyline, an evening river cruise is definitely up your alley. You can cruise along the Hudson while sipping cocktails and indulging on gourmet food. It’s romance at it’s best. Photo courtesy of Mihai Bojin (Flickr)


Butchering Class (yep, really…)

meatHow do you woo your date with some adventure in a place like New York City? Why, a pig butchering class of course. You’ll talk meat as you learn how to slice and dice into some uncommon cuts. And, of course you’ll get to taste a little something too. In the end you’ll only have to answer one question: where do we get a pig? Photo courtesy of Carl Tashian (Flickr)

Background image via iakoubtchik on Flickr.