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10 Date Ideas in Miami

Miami, the lavish paradise that is adored worldwide. A city like this speaks for itself, you can find everything you’re looking and even more. Enjoy a range of activities depending on your mood, budget and interests. Cooking classes? Art Galleries? Once in a lifetime experiences? Everything is possible in Miami, this lovers paradise is waiting for you!

1. The Biltmore Cooking Classes

Cooking Class_MiamiCooking is a highly desired attribute and cooking together with make for a sizzling date. At The Biltmore you and your partner can choose which cuisine you would like to try out, this means you can keep coming along for future dates and build your repertoire of recipes! Cooking and wine goes hand in hand so you’ll be presented with a drinks menu, choose your favourite to enjoy as you cut, chop and stir your way to the end result! The best bit? You and your date can try out the fruit of your labour!

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2. Miami Seaquarium

Tropical Reef_MiamiThis will be a great place for a first date, there’s plenty to do at Miami Seaquarium meaning the date will be fun and energetic! Learn about and see up close and personal some of the oceans famous faces; sharks, seals and sea lions and the vibrant colours of the tropical reef will mean conversation will always be interesting. You can swoon at your favourite underwater friends and attend talks, shows and encounters to make your date even more memorable!

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3. Casa Tua

Casa Tua_MiamiThis luxury restaurant oozes romance and is a great place to wine and dine your date. The restaurant is based in a Mediterranean villa and an inviting garden space sits beneath lantern-lit trees. You’ll feel like you’re in a home away from home as the friendly and tentative service will guide you through the meal in a seamless manner. The restaurant pride themselves on the 5 senses; taste, smell, sound, sight and texture let these shape your experience and this will be a date you’ll never want to forget.

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4. Bluelite Drive-In

Drive In_MiamiA unique date with a retro twist will make your date memorable, take them along to the Drive-in and choose a variety of films ranging from childhood favourites, classics, indie and art films. This blows your standard cinema date out of the water because you’ll be able to get to know each other and chat without being hushed by your neighbouring viewers! The drive in provides snacks and drinks, the Bluelite Drive is one of the smaller, intimate theatres so make you sure you get there early so you can park up in the best spot!

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5. Citi Bike

Bike rental_miamiCiti Bike is the Miami rent bike system that makes discovering the city a super fun activity that is ideal for a date! There are loads of bikes and a hundred stations which means you can stop off whenever you see fit, and with the huge variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that Miami offers we think a few stop offs could be on the cards! This is a light form of exercise so you can trail the streets side by side whilst chatting and getting to know one another.

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6. Beach

Beach_MiamiIf you’re in Miami, it’s only right that you enjoy some time on the world famous beach. Take part in some water sports, surfing or jet skiing, activities sure to get your hearts racing. Pack up a picnic and dry off by enjoying a bottle of fizz and relaxing together whilst you soak in the beautiful views. You could team up and join in with a volley ball game, this is the ultimate laid back date, who doesn’t love a beach day?

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7. Dancing Lessons

Dancing Class_MiamiMiami is a hub of outstanding, energetic nightlife and the best way to limber up for the night ahead is to take part in dancing classes. There are so many dance schools and studios; tango, salsa, ballroom and street dancing is all readily available for you to unearth. Dancing will be a great first date as there will be no time for awkward moments and the ice will be broken immediately. Loosen up and have some fun, that’s what dating is all about after all!

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8. Juvia

Juvia_MiamiOysters are an aphrodisiac and when washed down with a flute of champagne or refreshing cocktail, you’ll have all the ingredients needed for a successful, sultry date. Juvia is an oyster bar offering a magnificent penthouse view over Miami. Get Instagram ready, you won’t want to forget this place anytime soon. The design and interior is every bit as elegant as the food presented. It’s impossible not to have a great time here.

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9. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon_MiamiIf you’re seeking an experience that will go down in date history, look no further. Take off in a hot air balloon and view the city from a bird’s eye view. You’ll catch romantic views of the Miami skyline and the stunning sites of Key Biscayne, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ll feel instantly more connected with your date after experiencing something so magical together.

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10. Art Gallery

Art Gallery_MiamiMiami is rich in art and culture and the city is awash with award-winning and world-famous art galleries. For a date with some creative flair, take your partner to one of the galleries and spend time getting to know one another as you absorb the art around you. Whatever your style or preference you can find something to suit you; David Castillo gallery to Spinello projects, Locust projects to Wynwood Walls. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon as you’ll both have a focus so you won’t fall short on conversation.

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