Online Dating In Clark County, Nevada

3279071034_58ca7e9755_z Let’s be honest, Las Vegas isn’t the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about trying to find true love or even necessarily a great first date and/or a fun, meaningful six month relationship. Instead, it’s the destination where you met that random guy you would never have looked at twice outside of Vegas, but – hey – you were wearing a sequin tube top and what happens in Vegas… You see where I’m going with this? But, here’s the thing, some of us actually live here. I know, I know. It’s a novel idea. And while most locals would rather endure an unmedicated root canal than drive to The Strip, park at a casino and navigate through drunk tourists double fisting foot-long margaritas, there are plenty of hidden gems throughout our neon oasis in the desert. Image via LinksmanJD on Flickr.


Fremont East

freemontUntil very recently, I lived most of my four years in Sin City a few blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard and while there really is a lot The Strip has to offer, more on that later, I would always prefer to get away from the tourists and the traffic and the blinding Ed Hardy get-ups and head downtown to Fremont East. Let’s keep it real, this is where the cool kids congregate and where some of the most fun, unique places this city has to offer are located. I suggest starting your evening at Bar + Bistro, home of monthly vintage bike night, for some tapas and sangria before making your way down Fremont Street to pop in and out of fun bars while making witty, flirtatious and, most importantly, funny banter. From the bar where you sometimes wish everyone didn’t know your name and your ex wasn’t permanently parked at the bar, The Griffin, to one of the best places to drink a beer and listen to live music, The Beauty Bar, to a place you can play your favorite arcade game while sipping on a vodka tonic, Insert Coins, to the only place in town I know of where you can get on a teeter-totter with your date, Park, the bars on Fremont East have it all. And if I could find a guy who would take me to my favourite piano bar, Don’t Tell Mama, he would pretty much have my heart forever. Image via LinksmanJD on Flickr.

The Beat

the-beatWhile I went here, Republic Bar + Kitchen, on my first online date in Las Vegas, I think the majority of people meeting someone from the internet for the first time worry about a few things: a) Can I make a quick getaway if I’m not feeling it?, b) How big of a time investment do I need to make for someone I may or may not have anything to talk about with? and c) Where is a safe place I will likely survive the first meeting if my date ends up being a serial killer? This is where coffee shops come to the rescue. Sunrise Coffee is definitely my favorite coffee spot in town and makes me feel like I’m back in Seattle (which, in my world, is a very good thing). They are local, independent, serve vegetarian and vegan-friendly fare and draw a crowd that my friends from back home would look at and say, “This is Vegas?” Last, but not least, check out The Beat for your first online date. If you end up with too many awkward silences while sipping your latte, you can thumb through their collection of records or stroll through Emergency Arts. Image via lmundy202 on Flickr.

Nove at the Palms

8806564022_b3a69d15a6_zFor a romantic date in Vegas, I suggest taking your special someone to The Strip for a delicious dinner and then out to a show. One thing we have an abundance of here in Las Vegas is a plethora of fine dining options. But, beware, plenty of these options also come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, many restaurants here offer a pre-fixe menu with smaller, more affordable alternatives to their regular priced entrees. Some of my favorite meals I’ve ever had have been here on The Strip. For Japanese cuisine, and a meal that will still make your mouth water two years later just thinking about it, try Shibuya. I still dream about the rock shrimp tempura and the Kobe beef. Another favorite is Nove at the Palms. The dinner I had there is still imprinted on my heart and the view alone is worth the visit. Wherever you choose to dine for your special night, if you give it a quick ten minutes search of the best new restaurants on The Strip, you’ll find just the right one and definitely won’t be disappointed. Trust me. After dinner, I suggest taking in one of the Cirque du Soleil shows. You know I’m still waiting for someone to take me to see Michael Jackson ONE, but you really can’t go wrong with the Beatles LOVE. You’ll leave holding hands, singing songs and believing that all you need is, in fact, love. Image via lmundy202 on Flickr.

Valley of Fire

9454311263_f261d08dda_zFor a casual date in (or around) Vegas, I have a few suggestions. If you hop on your card and head north with a packed picnic basket, Valley of Fire would be the perfect spot for a sweet lunch with a gorgeous view. Another option is taking a stroll through the botanical gardens at The Springs Preserve. A place that will be sure to impress, and if you bring your camera will provide plenty of vintage Vegas inspired photos, is the Neon Boneyard. This is the spot where the signs of Vegas yesteryear, or what I like to call the Elvis and Priscilla Vegas, have gone to their loving resting place. Trust me, your date will love it, but be sure to book a tour. If a fantastic, casual meal is what you’re in the mood for, please head to my happy place, Yama Sushi. Try the Sun on the Beach roll (I’m not kidding when I say it will change your life) and tell them Kathleen sent you. Image via lmundy202 on Flickr.

The Golden Nugget Pool

3181660020_e6c06fc7e2_zFor a fun and adventurous date, it would be fun to head back down to Fremont during the day for a swim at my favorite hotel, The Golden Nugget. There, you will find the most magical pool you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? TripAdvisor once listed The Tank as the only US pool in their Top Ten Most Amazing Hotel Pools in the World list. This is where you can slide through a glass-enclosed aquarium with sharks. Yes, you read that right. Look into it here. While you’re down on Fremont, take your date on a zipline through the Fremont Street Experience. These rides will be offered again in the fall. Another adventurous activity is a trek to Red Rock Canyon to check out the petroglyphs. Last, but not least, if you’re looking for an adventurous and very memorable date in Vegas, I suggest a helicopter ride over The Strip at night. An added bonus would be to softly play Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” in the background because, in this town, it is Vegas everywhere we are. Image via LinksmannJD on Flickr