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Barrowfundle Bay, Pembroke, Wales
The cute little Georgina town of Pembroke, or Penfro to coin its Welsh name, is a gem in the Welsh countryside. Nestled under a splendid castle this dainty town might not look like it has much to offer besides historic beauty, but you’d be wrong – Pembrokshire’s capital is a great location for a date. Image via PhilPrice on Flickr.

Riverside walks


One of the nicest things to do in Pembroke is to admire the beautiful countryside, and what better way to do this than with a riverside walk? The Cleddau Reach Circular walk starts at Pembroke dock and takes you along the riverside and across the bridge in the middle of town where swans often gather. After you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite you should head over to the Cornstore Café, a quaint café with open-brick walls and homemade pastries, cakes and warming Italian coffee.After sampling the edible delights on offer you could check out the Cornstone shop, a haven for home décor and art lovers.

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Coastal Paths

The Pembrokshire Coastal Path, one of Britain’s national trails, winds its way through Pembroke, sweeping through the Docks and heading either north or south. Sandstone cliffs, beautiful sandy bays and headland all await you and your date on this unique way to spend a day exploring the countryside at its greatest. While on the path you may as well make the most of the beaches, which are among some of the most spectacular in the whole of the UK. West Angle Bay, opposite Millford Haven is the closest beach to Pembroke, and although only a cove there is a huge stretch of golden sand, roks to climb, and a secret beach too – no wonder it won the Seaside Award (Rural) in 2013. Image via JohnSligo on Flickr.

Act Like a Kid At Oakwood Theme Park

Ask any Welsh man or woman to describe their childhood in Pembroke and no doubt they’ll mention Oakwood. This is Wales’ premier theme park and well worth a day spent having un and goading each other to do on the various rides and slides.

Quad Biking Adventure

Quad Bike

What better way to get both your hearts racing than to actually race, each other! The Ritec Quad Centre claims to have some of the UK’s best trails, you can choose the forest routes, racetrack or a mix of both. It’s not quite in Pembroke, but it isn’t too far either.

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Pembroke Castle Exploration Date

Pembroke Castle 2
A date in Pembroke really wouldn’t be complete without a dally in the castle and surrounding grounds. Perched majestically on the edge of the river this grandiose battle fort has guided tours, exhibition rooms showing how people used to live here and activities like brass rubbing to get you truly involved in the history of the place. Take in the views together from the 75ft high turret before descending to the café for a spot of lunch, and if you happen to be visiting in November make sure you visit the festive Christmas Market in the grounds. Image via MatJam on Flickr.

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