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The coastal town of Newport in south Wales can hardly be called pretty, the industrial buildings which dominate the skyline prove this point, but there is something underlying in Newport and it makes this town all the more interesting because of it. King Arthur saw it in nearby Carleon, where his knights and their round table was supposedly seated. If you’re a literary buff you’ll enjoy Newport’s history, and nearby Celtic Manor has some of the best afternoon tea in the area. Don’t write off Newport for its initial looks, there’s much more to it than meets the eye – especially for the romantic in you. Image via AndrewEvans on Flickr.


Act Like a Royal at Carleon

Many believe that King Arthur and his knights of the round table held a court at Carleon. Whether or not there is truth to this is unclear, but the fortress which stands in this small village to the north of Newport is nevertheless an interesting site to visit. The remains of a roman amphitheatre can also be found here and part of an important military site. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote his famous Idylls of the King here too. Whilst in Carleon a spot of shopping could also be on the cards as there are some cute little boutique cafés as well as a welcoming craft shop called the Ffwrwm Arts and Craft Centre on the high street. Image via Keith1963 on Flickr.


Have Afternoon Tea at Celtic Manor

For a truly lavish take on afternoon tea take your date to the stunning Celtic Manor, found between Newport and Cardiff. This luxury hotel often hosts major golf competitions but trust us when we say it’s the high tea you should come here for. You can choose to tickle your taste buds in the main hotel, with vistas across the Usk countryside, or in the more traditional (and 200-year old) Newbridge Country Inn. Image via erase on Flickr.


The Riverfront Arts Centre

In search of something arty to plan for your date? The Riverfront arts and cultural centre should sort that one out! With a range of performances put on regularly as well as free exhibitions and workshops to get involved in and sundowner sessions in the summer tome, there’s something to be said for the arts scene in South Wales, and it’s right here. Image via Mart on Flickr.


Walking Highlights Tour

Usk Valley Walks_

Would you prefer to see the rolling hills or the rolling tide on your walk in the nearby Welsh countryside? Luckily there are both options here, with the Wales Coastal Path covering the whole of the Welsh coastline or the Usk Valley Walk, which follows 50 miles of the River Usk from Carleon to Brecon you can pick which walk will suit you and your date best. Incidentally if you are enjoying the walk why not carry on up to the Brecon Becons? You’ll need a car to get up there but this part of the country has some of the most stunning views atop the mountains.

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Dinner at The Priory


Finish off a trip to Newport with dinner at The Priory in nearby Carleon. This ivy-bedecked former monastery is a delightful place to dine, with attentive staff, luxury setting and a selection of daily specials on offer such as sea bass, scallops and tasty local meats, this is a treat that any date will enjoy after a day of exploring Newport and the surrounds.

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