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Are you a single parent missing out on some couple comfort? Do you love spending time with your children but feel lonely once they’ve gone to bed? Have you put your previous relationship behind you and feel ready to embark on new adventures with someone who has children of their own? Would you like to connect and match with someone who understands the highs and lows of single parenthood? If all of this sounds like you, then you need to join We Love Dates today! If you’re ready to take single parent dating seriously, let us help you meet a match who deserves your time! It’s time to embrace dating for single parents, let this free dating site help you remember the butterflies and the laughter!

Genuine Single Parent Dating

We Love Dates makes it easy for single parents to find and connect with matches across the UK. You can completely tailor your search for single parent dating to your tastes, preferences and location. You may want to match with a single parent from your local area to make logistics easier, or you might fancy matching with a single parent a drive away, this way you lower the risk of awkwardness between exes and current partners. Whatever you choose, it’s all up to you! We Love Dates puts the dating power in your hands – you can search for single parents by things like their location, age, appearance, salary, whether they have children full time or part time, their interests and hobbies & so much more.

If you’d like to match with a single parent who loves to be outdoors, enjoys cooking at home and has a good career, you can search for them using those personality markers. If you’d like to match with a single parent who only sees their children on weekends, comes from a big family and loves to go out and dance the night away, simply search for them using that criteria! Our smart searching means that you are always in the driving seat and ready to go!

Start Single Parent Dating

The joy of dating is back where it belongs with this free single parent dating site. We take care of the science behind dating and our customer service and moderation team are award-winning! You never need to worry about feeling unsafe or wary, we’re here every step of the way to ensure that you can chat and match with genuine single parents!

We Love Dates was created to fit into your life as it is today. That means that dating is easily accessible to you on the school run or when you’re packing the car up for football class or horse riding lessons. It means knowing that your matches are waiting to hear from you but understand that you can’t be available 24/7 due to your parental responsibilities. It means sneaking five minutes hiding in the toilets to check your messages on your phone. You can date with this free parent dating site using your phone, tablet and mobile – there is no need to download an app and update it constantly, you just need an internet connection! So you could soon be chatting to new matches using your mobile while waiting at the school gates for the mad home time rush. Or you could be updating your profile with new photos of you using your tablet while putting the washing away upstairs for some peace and quiet. You could read new members’ diary entries and details about their lives using your laptop while waiting for your kids to come home from their weekend with your ex. Your options are endless and we are here for you whenever you need us – and whenever you want us!

This dating parent site is exactly what you need if you want to match with fellow single parents for romance and dating. We put the fun back into dating and we can’t wait for you to experience the butterflies that you thought would never happen again! Start single parent dating today with We Love Dates!

Single Parent Dating

Q: Are there any dating sites or apps for a single mum?

There are lots of dating sites in the UK for a single mum! If you’re a single mum looking to find a fellow single parent looking for fun, romance and love, We Love Dates Single Parent is a great place to visit!

Q: Why would someone date a single mum?

There are many reasons why someone would date a single mum. Single parents offer life experience, passion and loyalty to relationships. They also understand the importance of quality time and family ties that can help to build a really strong bond with a new match.

Q: How to date while living with your parents?

You can use online dating while living with your parents. By using online dating, you can get to know your matches at your own pace and on your own terms. You can take things as slowly or quickly as you like and form a strong foundation before introducing them to your parents

Q: Is single parents dating single parents good or bad?

Single parents dating fellow single parents can be a match made in Heaven. When people with similar lifestyles match and date, their relationship can start on a very strong foundation. With shared ideals, dating histories and children, you can become a blended family while finding your missing puzzle piece

Q: Should I start dating as a single dad?

As a single dad it can be hard to know when the right time is to start dating. You can start dating as a signle dad whenever you feel ready. Once you are there you can use online dating sites like We Love Dates that help you connect with fellow single parents looking for new friendships, flirting and romance

Q: Is it possible for a single mother to find love again?

It is possible for a single mother to find love again. Sites like We Love Dates have dedicated their platforms to helping single mothers find new friends, romance and love again!

Q: What are some of the best parent dating sites?

Some of the best parent dating sites include We Love Dates, Elite Singles, Single With Kids & more

Q: How can a single father meet women?

A single father can meet women by using online dating sites such as We Love Dates. Single dads are welcomed to join, create a profile and start a search for someone to make them happy once again!

Q: What’s suprising about dating as a single parent?

There are many great surprises to dating as a single parent! With dating sites like We Love Dates, you can meet some incredible fellow single parents who want to find their own missing puzzle pieces. It can be surprising how easy it is to find amazing fellow single parents who want a break from day to day life and their dating history. It can also be surprising how quickly feelings can grow with someone who understands and appreciates your past and your connection with your children

Q: Why do men not date single mums?

Men may not want to date single mums because of the balance needed in the relationsip. Single mothers that are dating will often have to prirotise their children, schedules and even their children’s fathers which can be a struggle for a man who does not understand this. However, dating sites like We Love Dates can help to keep communication open and clear as well as helping people take dating at their own pace

Q: Why are so many men scared to date single mothers?

Many men may be scared to date single mothers because of the responsibilty that comes with this type of relationship. Often if you have a connection with the single mother, you will be introduced to their family and their children. This could lead to a good connection and a blended family. However, that does sometimes mean that the relationship is no longer about two people falling in love but dependents, ex partners and family members too

Q: How hard is it to date as a single mum?

It can be easy to date a single mum with online dating sites such as We Love Dates. Sites such as these are built to help make dating easier and fun!

Q: Can a single father meet women?

Single fathers can meet women easily when using online dating sites such as We Love Dates! They can date and chat whenever it suits them – when their kids are in bed or with their partner. They can enjoy the fun of flirting and connecting from safely within their comfort zone