Shetland Islands

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St Ninian's beach, Shetland Islands, ScotlandThese lovely islands are just off the coast of Scotland. There’s so much to see and do here from watching the local wildlife to experiencing some beautiful landscapes.
As you’d expect from an island that has been inhabited for 6,000 years, there’s plenty of culture and history to soak up. You might listen to some traditional music or bask in the warm hospitality of the locals. Image via Karen V Bryan on Flickr.


Shetland Museum

MuseumIf you and your date are interested in learning about the history of these islands, the Shetland museum is a great place to start. The museum tells Shetland’s story from the early people to the development of the boats surrounding the islands. There are also ongoing restoration projects to help restore some beautiful ships from years gone by. There are always visiting exhibitions too which means you’ll never have the same experience twice. Check the website to see what’s on. Image via ejbuardo on Flickr.


Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement

JarlshofJarlshof is a settlement located at Sumburg Head on the southern tip of mainland Shetland. Here you’ll find late neolithic houses, a bronze age village, a Norse longhouse and a medieval farmstead. It’s a wonderful place to see so much history of Shetland’s people in one place. There’s also an interpretation centre that houses a hands-on display of local material used on site and visitors can learn more about the history of Jarlshof.


Hermaness Nature Reserve

PuffinThe cliffs at Hermaness make it the perfect nesting ground for birds of all shapes and sizes. In the summer you’ll be able to see the rare bonxie. Thanks to the efforts of the Edmonston family, who own this land, the bonxie has gone from just 80 pairs in the 1920s to the 650 pairs there are today. Also in the summer, 25,000 pairs of puffins come to breed in burrows they make on the cliff edge. If you do visit in the summer, you’ll be greeted by the noise of more than 100,000 breeding sea birds. It’s quite a sight and sound. If you are interested in wildlife, geology or plant life, this is a wonderful place to visit with your date. Image via peteandlynn on Flickr.


Scuba Diving

DivingThe sea surrounding the Shetland Islands is known for it’s great underwater visability. This makes it a wonderful place to go diving. Not only will you see plenty of wildlife and submerged coastline but there are also a huge amount of underwater wrecks to visit.
The underwater scenery has been attracting divers and photographers for years. Dive Scotland estimates there are 405 geos (coves), 351 caves, 246 bays and firths, 205 skerries, 190 stacks, 158 natural arches and at least seven subterranean passages. More than enough to keep even the keenest divers occupied. You might need more than one visit to see everything. In addition to all this, you can visit the wrecks of an 18th Century Swedish East Indiaman and a WWI steamship. You can dive at all times of the year and although the water is chilly it’s not as cold as other places on this latitude. In summer you can expect the water to be around 14 degrees, dropping to 6 degrees in winter. Image via jonesor on Flickr.


Check Out the Shetland Ponies

PonyWherever you go on the island, you’ll see beautiful little Shetland ponies grazing on the roadside, beaches and hills. They’re not wild but are owned by local crofters. You and your date could go for a walk around the island and you’ll see plenty of the ponies dotted around the landscape. If you want to see more of them, pop back in August when the local agricultural shows take place. This is a great chance to see the Shetland ponies in action. Image via smclaren on Flickr.

Background image via Lars Ploughman on Flickr.

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