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Best First Date Ideas in Surrey

With more restaurants, cafes and classic English pubs than you can shake a hunting rifle at, Richmond certainly lives up to its reputation for being the playground of London. Boasting some of the most beautiful green spaces in England, wild deer and the prettiest stretch of the Thames, there really is a limitless supply of prime dating options to explore. So wax your moustache or don your favourite floral tea dress – things are about to get jolly English! Shall we?

Roebuck Pub

Perched on the top of Richmond Hill, with the very best views over the snaking River Thames below, the Roebuck pub is the perfect spot to meet for that all-important first date. Grab a pint and find a bench out front; the sultry sites will smooth over any lulls in conversation. Oh, and keep an eye out for Mick Jagger and his mates, who are said to pop in from time to time. Pah! And they say you can’t always get what you want. Image Source

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The Riverwalk

For a truly magical evening that neither of you will forget, start with a gentle stroll along Richmond’s elegant riverside area. Stop for a cocktail or two and take in the last rays of sun, as the sky turns pinky blue over a silver River Thames. And then, as you begin to feel things can’t get any better, you can take a short stroll, hand in hand, to the Bingham Hotel Restaurant, where you will discover the epitome of English fine dining at one of England’s most lavish boutique hotels. For a serious dose of romance, why not book one of the luxurious rooms for the night. Spiffing! 

Richmond Tea Rooms

There’s something about a classic English pot of tea that brings out the best in us all. Your little finger will soon be poking out from your porcelain cup, and the conversation will naturally turn to current affairs, politics and other such important topics that intelligent folk enjoy conversing over. The Richmond Tea Rooms are the most obvious choice, but a Lady and a Gentleman in Richmond won’t have to venture far to find a suitable establishment. What-what, old chap!

Richmond Park

Grab your bikes and show each other what you’re really made of with a ride around the breath-taking beauty of Richmond Park. As you whizz past herds of wild deer and the 2,500 acres of golden fields, you’ll find it hard to believe that you’re only a twenty-minute train ride from Waterloo! Follow the roads for a few speedy laps, or take to the tree-covered dirt paths for a truly dirty weekend. Once your legs are like jelly, pop into the Georgian mansion tea rooms of Pembroke Lodge for a spot of lunch with romantic views over the Surrey Hills. Tally-ho!


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