Isle of Sark

Online Dating on the Isle of Sark

Sark is a lovely little island just a short ferry ride from Guernsey. There are no cars allowed on the island which makes it a wonderfully peaceful place for a date. The island is only two square miles in size which means that you can explore the whole place by foot. Despite its small size, there’s plenty to do on the island from sampling the fresh sea food to admiring the striking coastal views.

Tea at La Sablonnerie

Afternoon TeaIf you fancy a real treat, pop to the La Sablonnerie hotel for afternoon tea. Dine outside during the summer months or have a sumptuous dinner in the beautiful restaurant. The hotel really embraces the unhurried life of the island and you’re immediately put at ease by the friendly staff and beautiful surroundings. Being so near the sea, the restaurant is well known for its freshly caught fish and lobsters.

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Tour La Seigneurie

Sark GardensThese beautiful gardens were first owned by the monks of the Priory of Saint Magloire in the 6th century. Little remains of the original priory but the main house is a beautiful manor built in the 17th century. There are a number of other buildings dotted around the site including a stunning dovecote. The gardens are open every day between Easter and Autumn. If you fancy finding out about the history of the gardens and houses, there are guided tours every Wednesday morning.

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Sark Carriages

CarriagesAs there are no cars allowed on the island, a carriage ride is the only way to get around if you don’t fancy walking. Whether you just want to get from A to B or want to learn more about the island on a tour. These horse drawn carriages are a really romantic way to spend a date. You get the chance to see the beautiful scenery of the island in a very relaxed setting.

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Adventure Sark

Isle of SarkThis is a great idea if you and your date fancy injecting a bit of excitement into the usually-calm lifestyle of the Isle of Sark. You can go coasteering along the amazing shoreline. You’ll get to explore caves, jump off cliffs, swim in the sea and climb rocks. It’s a great adventure sport that will take you to some beautiful places. Adventure Sark also offers activities such as kayaking, an Activiquiz – which is a bit like a treasure hunt – and archery. There’s something for everyone and it’s a great place to have fun and get to know someone.

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Bike RideAgain, with no cars on the island, riding a bike on the quiet roads is a pleasure. You and your date can explore the island at your own pace. Perhaps even take a picnic with you and make a full day of your island adventure. With the island being so small, you can cycle around it in about 40 minutes but you should take the time to stop at various landmarks. You’ll also find yourself stopping to admire the beautiful coastline on a regular basis too.

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