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Chelmsford is a city located 30 miles northeast of London and has a lively atmosphere that caters to all ages of singles! From creative cocktails to heart racing sport activities you won’t be short of ideas and the city is a great place to begin a budding Essex romance!

1. Cycle Path

Cycle path_ChelmsfordA great way to enjoy Chelmsford is by taking one of the many cycle routes around the city. The best route will take you past the cathedral, museum, civic theatres and many more of the popular sights loved by locals and tourists alike. It would be a good idea to pack up a picnic and stop off halfway for a well deserved rest or perhaps keep your eyes peeled for one of the quaint pubs and cafes!

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2. Miller and Carter

Steakhouse_ChelmsfordThis is an award winning steakhouse that you won’t want to pass up. Enjoy your meal with your favourite drink, if it’s red, wine, sparkling or maybe a cocktail you can rest assure the excellent bar staff will cater to your needs! The romantic setting and beautiful decor will get the love birds singing in no time!

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3. Ice Disco

Ice Skating_ChelmsfordA playful first date that’s sure to be an ice breaker will be taking your date ice skating! Glide round hand in hand and find your inner child as you dance to the popular ice disco classics that you can find every Saturday evening! A memorable and thoughtful date!

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4. Buscall & Flynns

Afternoon Tea_ChelmsfordFancy a treat? Take your date to the luxurious Buscall & Flynns for Afternoon Tea. Enjoy the homemade sandwiches, delicious scones and if you’re feeling extra special go ahead and add a bottle of everyones favourite bubbles! It is a romantic date after all!

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5. Faces

Faces_ChelmsfordGoing for some drinks will always be a failsafe plan for a date. You can’t go wrong, especially when you’re in the hands of the well loved Faces bar staff. Let them prepare some of your favourite cocktails! The modern decor appeals to everyone and you’re sure to have a good time.

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