Online Dating in Colchester

Date Ideas in Colchester

Britain’s oldest recorded town has more history than you can shake a stick out. So what better place is there to fall in love and start your own history – as well as your future – with the date of your dreams?

Mercury Theatre

Theatre_ColchesterPamper your cultural side and head to Colchester’s Mercury Theatre, where’s an eclectic mix of theatre, comedy, music and other performing arts. Much more original than the cinema, take your date along and get ready to fall in love under the dim lights. Don’t forget to go for drinks afterwards because whatever you’ve just seen makes for instant date conversation!

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The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree_ColchesterEncasing part of Colchester’s original Roman wall, The Lemon tree is a beautifully unique setting for a truly romantic date. This bistro style offers delicious food, with menus drawn on the finest modern European cuisine, with a twist of fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. A historic setting such as this is sure to impress your date and the old wall is the perfect building block for your new romance.

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Essex Tea Rose House

Essex Rose Tea RoomDelight your date by spending the afternoon in this beautiful 16th century tea house. The timber frames and intimate feeling of the Essex Rose Tea House make for a highly romantic afternoon, where you can share homemade cakes and pots of tea as you learn all about one another. Milk and sugar for two?

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Colchester Ghost Walk

ghost walk_colchesterWhat better way to spice up the classic first date than by going for a spooky ghost walk? Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town, with history dating back to the Roman times – so there are thrills and spills galore to be had to discover the haunted streets. Don’t worry if you get scared, you can snuggle into your date for protection! As you look back over the past, you can begin to imagine your future together.

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