We Love Dates is a completely free divorced singles dating site in the UK. Find long-term connections with like-minded divorced singles in your area and throughout the UK

Connect With Like-Minded Divorcees in Your Area

Are you a divorced single that feels ready to start dating again? Are you ready to accept new romance into your life? We Love Dates is a divorced dating site committed to helping divorcees find love again. By connecting with a fellow divorcee, there will be greater understanding around emotions experienced and the need for an open and honest relationship. We Love Dates makes it easy for you to find singles in your local area, providing convenience and easy control of your dating destiny.

A 100% Free Online Dating Site

There’s no agreed best time to start dating again after divorce. But many will want to take it slow to be sure they’re ready. Providing a divorced singles dating site that’s completely free means you don’t have to make an unnecessary commitment. You can set-up your profile, search other divorced singles, read their profiles and make a connection, all for free. 

Subtle & Secure

We understand that delicacy and privacy is important in divorced dating. Our award-winning customer service and moderation team ensure that every single member using our divorced dating site are genuinely looking for compatible matches with fellow divorced singles. We take your safety seriously and in the rare event you feel someone is not who they say they are, you can click the ‘Report this Member’ button available on the side of every profile to alert our moderation team.

Quick & Easy To Join

Your perfect divorced match could be just a few clicks away, so we’ve made it super-easy for you to get connected soon as possible. There is no need to fill out endless questionnaires or divulge lots of personal information to be able to begin divorced dating. Simply sign-up with your name and email, it’s up to you what information you wish to include in your profile from there.

Find Love Online with Divorced Singles in the UK

Divorced dating in the UK couldn’t be simpler with We Love Dates. It’s easy to browse thousands of divorced singles profiles quickly to find exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want a divorcee who lives within 10miles from you, enjoys cooking and earns a certain salary? Perhaps you want a divorcee with an athletic build and no children. Our search tool provides a range of filters so you can be as specific or as broad in your divorced single search as you wish. We Love Dates will help find the best love match for you.

Dating for Divorced

Q: How do divorced people find new people to date?

There are many ways for divorced people to find new people to date. One of the best ways is to use online dating sites that are tried and tested, such as We Love Dates. Sites such as this one are built to help bring together divorced singles who have an understanding of your past and your future hopes and dreams

Q: How soon is it to start dating after a divorce?

It is totally up to the individual on how soon they should start dating after a divorce. Many divorced singles will know in themselves when the time is right to start chatting to new people and flirt. Online dating sites such as We Love Dates help newly divorced singles take their time with dating and do it all from within their comfort zone

Q: Is it deceptive to say you’re single when you’re divorced?

Any relationship should have honesty at its core. It is up the the individual how they class themselves in the early stages of any new relationship – if you are divorced, you are technically single. However, it is important to ensure that once the time is right, you are honest about your dating history.

Q: What are the must knows for dating a divorcee?

There are a few must knowns for dating a divorcee, but lots of these are bespoke to the individual. It’s important to be patient and understanding of a divorcee’s feelings and approach dating. As with any new relationship, it’s important to be clear with your intentions, boundaries and goals. You should also be good at listening – not only to what is said but what is shared in body language.

Q: What are the considerations when dating a divorcee?

There are many considerations when dating a divorcee – just like with any new relationship. It is always important to be open, honest and patient. A consideration must be that there is a potential of having an ex partner involved in your new relationship and to understand how this dynamic could work for you.

Q: How soon after divorce should you date?

How soon you should start dating following a divorce is down the individual. It is always important not to rush into anything to avoid feelings getting hurt.

Q: What is it like to date after divorce?

It can be different for everyone to date after divorce. Often, divorced singles find it fun to find themselves again in new post-divorce relationships.

Q: How do divorced men find new people to date?

Divorced men can find new people to date in many different ways such as going out to their local pubs and clubs as well as using online dating. We Love Dates is a great way to meet divorced singles and new singles to date with its divorced database!

Q: How to meet someone after a divorce?

There are lots of different ways to meet someone after a divorce. You can go out with friends and meet mutual singles and divorceees looking for new relationships. You can also meet someone by using online dating sites such as We Love Dates

Q: Is it ok to date someone going through a divorce?

Dating someone going through a divorce is totally up to the people involved in the relationship. As with any relationship, honesty is key and having a good line of communication can help to iron out any kinks and issues.

Q: Is it worth the effort to date as a divorced man in his 40s?

Dating as a divorced man in your 40s can be the most fun you’ve ever had dating! As a divorced male, you will know more now about what you want out of any new relationship as well as wha you don’t want. Dating can be fun as a divorcee and online dating site like We Love Dates can help singles and divorcees find amazing new connections, fun and romance!