Christian Dating in the UK

We Love Dates was created to help bring together singles who have a passion for their faith, who appreciate the importance of religion and who want to meet, match and have a long term relationship with someone who is also Christian. We work hard to ensure that your chance of meeting similar Christian singles for your happily ever after is easy! We understand how important it is to match with someone who understands your love of God, your feelings towards worship and your romance goal of finding someone forever and committing to each other in the eyes of the Lord! There’s never been a better time to chat and match with Christians online, so what are you waiting for?

Christian Dating

Christian dating online could be the most fun you’ve had online – ever! We Love Dates could help you chat, match and meet someone very special for romance and happiness! We work hard on ensuring that your chance of matching with a fellow single Christian is easy and you can continue your life with someone very special with you every step of the way.
If you’re a single Christian looking for romance, We Love Dates could help you. We try to make it easy for single Christians to connect and bond over their love of God and the Christian faith. Love and happily ever after is our end goal and everything here at We Love Dates is built to help you fall head over heels with someone new, exciting and amazing! It’s time to grow your confidence and open your heart to a new adventure towards happiness!
Being a single Christian, you will know the importance of meeting and matching with someone who understands your Christian background and your strong feelings towards faith. It’s important to match with someone who has an understanding of Christianity, who is patient and kind and also is willing to embrace your faith and spiritual feelings. The importance of being able to match with someone who also understands the role of God in your life and your love for him takes precedence! Dating someone who has their own Christian beliefs and practices Christianity like yourself means that they’ll appreciate your love of the church, going to worship regularly and your thoughts on dating in the modern-day. They will understand why religious holidays are so important and why being able to worship in your own way is so important to your relationship with God.
With We Love Dates, you’ll be able to take your dating journey completely at your own pace and with you at all times! You could be chatting and getting to know someone new while putting your shopping away. You could be building foundations for a new strong relationship while chilling after service on a Sunday afternoon. You could spend time chatting and making each other laugh as you bond over your local congregations and places you like to talk with God.

Christian Dating Tips

As a member of We Love Dates, you’ll be able to take your time in creating a profile that fully represents you, your journey through Christianity, your want and your ideal end goal of romance, fun and even love! You’ll be able to add to your profile and complete it to show off everything that is amazing about you – your profile is your perfect opportunity to share with potential suitors your hobbies, what makes you tick and your love of God. You can even share where it is you choose to worship and your preferred praying methods!
You can add photos to your profile and share your passions easily. If you’re an avid baker at the church, why not share a snap from your last drive? If you love to help children at the church and in the community, why not share a smiley snap? If your church is filled with vibrant characters and you get a snap of you singing your heart out – share it on your profile! Show off everything that amazing and vibrant about you!
Once your profile is complete, you’ll be able to send messages and your dating journey will be ready to go! It’s easy to chat to new people and start finding out more about them as you learn more about yourself and your want for happiness and romance!

Start Dating Christians

With We Love Dates, you’ll be able to meet, reach out to and match with Christian singles that are local to you and that are based further away. You’ll be able to use our brilliant and easy to use search features to help you tailor your search so that it is completely bespoke to you and your dating journey. You’ll also be able to search for single Christians by things like their appearance, job, salary and much more!
Your choices on We Love Dates are endless and we try to make the matchmaking process as easy as possible! We take care of the science and stress behind matching and online dating – all you need to do is start thinking about good first date locations!
We could help you match with single Christians that are local to you or even with a Christian single that is based much further afield. The walk to romance and love is easy and we help to pave it with laughter, butterflies and aching faces from smiling too much!
We Love Dates is a free dating site that could help you find the thing you didn’t know was missing from your life! Find Christian singles now for your next best adventure!

Christian Dating

Q: What are the best dating apps and sites for Christian dating?

There are lots of good dating apps and sites for Christian dating available. Some of the best include We Love Dates, and Date Christian Singles

Q: What are the basic principles of Christian dating?

There are many basic principles of Christian Dating such as things like undived love and devotion to the Lord, healthy relationships between men and women and to guard your heart.

Q: What are the best dating sites for Christians?

Some of the best dating site for Christians include We Love Dates, and Elite. If you’re looking for safe and easy Christian dating, We Love Dates is the site for you!

Q: Are there any real, genuine dating sites?

There are lots of real, genuine dating sites – We Love Dates is a great site for people looking to find genuine connections with amazing singles from all over the world!

Q: Is there an online dating site for Christians?

There are lots of online dating sites for Christians! We Love Dates is a site dedicated to matching Christians from in and around the UK! The site is easy to use and it’s free to join and search

Q: Can Christians date?

Christians can certainly date. It is important for many Christians to match, connect and date with fellow Christians that understand their beliefs and faith. Sites like We Love Dates are around to help this happen in a safe and fun way online!

Q: Where can Christian men meet Christian women?

Christian men can meet Christian women in many ways. They can meet them at their local church or with fellow parishners and they can chat and connect using dating sites such as We Love Dates

Q: Where can people get Christian dating advice?

People can get Christian dating advice on sites such as We Love Dates. This site is not only a dating site and experience, it’s also a dating hub for Christians who are curious, have questions and want to find the right person for them

Q: What is the best toally free Christian dating site?

The best free Chrisitan site is We Love Dates! It’s free to join, create a profile, add photos, search for singles and send an introductory message!

Q: What is the general standard of dating for a Christian?

The general standard of dating for a Christian follows the basic principles of Christianity. It is important to treat others how you’d like to be treated. It is important to treat dating as your own interpretation of love and moving things forward when you feel ready.