Online Dating in County Sligo

Sligo Photo 1 Sligo translates as “shelly place” and is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s known for its great literary connections, prehistoric landmarks and spectacular natural beauty. Whether you’re after a cultural date, a romantic date or you just fancy exploring the great outdoors – we have got all the answers. Read our dating guide to find a date idea to match every mood. Image via andrew_dub_5 on Flickr.

Keep it Simple With Ice Cream

SONY DSC Sometimes rather than planning a lavish meal, simplicity is best for a first date. You’ll instantly know whether there’s chemistry between you, so a quick and easy option is best. Fabio’s is a gorgeous little cafe which specialises in sandwiches and handmade Italian ice cream. People rave about this place and say it’s like eating ice cream straight from Italy. The ice cream flavours range from hazelnut to spicy chocolate to panna cotta and there are also dairy free options too. Spend your first date succumbing to your sweet tooth and you won’t be disappointed! Image via Gabriela lancu on Flickr.

Hiking Date

Sligo Photo 3 Sligo has so many wonderful outdoor attractions, so if you have a day together, you should take some time to admire the natural sights around you. Spend an afternoon hiking up Knocknarea mountain and the views will knock your socks off! It takes around 45 minutes to reach the top, but once you get there, you will have a 360° view of Sligo that will make you feel on top of the world. As you get to the top, you will also notice a rock that extends 10 metres in height. Legend has it that Queen Maeve’s remains are buried under this rock and visitors are encouraged to add a rock to the site known as “Queen Maeve’s cairn” for good luck. Who knows, maybe this will be the luck you need for your future romance? Image via [toffa] on Flickr.

Romance at Montmarte

Sligo Photo 4 If you visit Montmarte, you can be sure you’ve picked a restaurant that’s perfect for romancing. With the deep red chairs, dark oak tables and dim lighting – the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date. The menu is a little more on the expensive side but you’re paying for the best quality here. Dishes range from slow cooked loin of pork in cinnamon to roasted rabbit with mustard crust. The desserts include rhubarb and white chocolate coupe with whisky cake, crème brulee and a cheese plate with 7 choices. So sit down, relax, and toast a wonderful evening together! Image via Martin Cathrae on Flickr.

“Eagles Flying”

Sligo Photo 5 If you want to feel like you’re soaring high by the end of your date – you should go to “Eagles Flying” in Ballymote. It is the largest centre for birds of prey and owls in the whole of Ireland and a really unique day out. You can watch birds of prey fly over you during the flying demonstration, you can pet animals and you can also get eagles to land on your arm! Get up close and personal with hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and vultures as well as donkeys, ferrets, geese, goats, sheep, pigs and many other smaller animals. Have a unique date whilst also contributing to the welfare of these incredible animals and birds! Image via imduffy_15 on Flickr.

Paintball Flirting

Sligo Photo 6 If your idea of a fun date is one where your adrenaline is pumping and your heart is racing – you need to head to Sligo Extreme Paintball! It’s Sligo’s only Paintball complex and you’ll be provided with guns, equipment and even enemies to play against if you desire! There are several different game zones and game types to choose from which will test you bravery, creativity and perhaps your luck too! So get deep in the forest and prepare for battle! Image via mcarpentier on Flickr.