Online Dating in County Kerry

Kerry Photo 1 This scenic gem in South West Ireland is blessed with a diverse landscape of beaches, rivers, lakes, woods, waterfalls and mountains. Image via bachmic on Flickr.

There are so many romantic places to discover in Kerry, here are a few of our favourites…

Inch Beach

Kerry Photo 2 Kerry has some of the finest beaches in Ireland, so take advantage of this by going for beautiful stroll at Inch Beach. This beach is also known as “Inch Strand” as it is a two mile long strand of sand that dramatically juts out into the sea. The film “Ryan’s Daughter” was filmed here and it is frequently chosen as a setting by TV and film makers because of how breathtaking it is. Take a walk along the sandy plains at sunset and then stop for a bite to eat at “Sammy’s Inch Beach” which is a café with the most perfect location – right on the seafront. The café has incredible views, so you can talk about your wonderful day whilst having a toast with a glass of wine. Image via Chris Doust on Flickr.

Killarney National Park

Kerry Photo 3 Go to the 26,000 acres of Killarney National Park and spend a day exploring the incredible outdoors. There are lots of things you can do such as walking the trail of the ancient Bronze Mines, finding hidden waterfalls or even taking a boat trip from Ross Castle to Innisfallen Island. The National Park is home to lakes, forests, waterfalls as well as great bike and hiking trails. Get lost in the moment (but hopefully not the park!) and make this a date to remember. Why not pack a few treats for you and your date to share during your walk? Image via Dave-B2012 on Flickr.


Rozzers Restaurant

Kerry Photo 4 Need the perfect ingredients for a romantic date? Rozzers Restaurant in Killeen House Hotel offers just the right solution. With fine dining, an extensive wine list and luxurious surroundings, it perfectly sets the stage for romance. Sit back, relax and get to know your date whilst dining in this elegant venue full of Irish hospitality. Examples of dishes include a brie and smoked salmon starter, lobster or fillet steak for main and an incredible chocolate bomb for dessert. You won’t be disappointed! Image via Adeodatus on Flickr.

Wilma’s Cheese Farm

Kerry Photo 5 If you and your date are cheese fans – there’s only one place to go; “Wilma’s Cheese Farm” in Killorglin. The farm is open to visitors and the owners produce an extraordinary cheese that’s very similar to gouda, using cow’s milk from their farm. You can taste the cheeses which range from mild (six weeks old) to very mature (two years or older). The cheeses come flavoured with garlic, cumin or cloves. Image via artizone on Flickr.

Aqua Dome

Kerry Photo 6 Act like a pair of big kids and go to the Aqua Dome – one of Ireland’s largest indoor water worlds. It is a huge swimming pool with wild rapids, a lazy river, a sky high flume and whirlpool spas. The flume will even time how fast you go, so get competitive with your date and battle it out to be the champion! On top of this, there is an adult-only health suite where you can visit saunas, steam rooms, a cold plunge pool and a sunbed. After your swim, why not try going to the Games Zone area or grab a snack at The Aqua Dome Café. A good date is one that’s full of surprises and keeps you entertained from start to finish – this one certainly ticks all the boxes! Image via khamael on Flickr.