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By Rosie Valentine


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Do you fancy yourself an amazing crooner or liken your singing to the high-pitched noises made by a feral cat? Lucky for you, this isn’t The Voice! When it comes to karaoke, singing skills take a back seat to attitude and the name of the game is having fun! If you and your date are due a great night out, then etiher spend an evening at a raucous karaoke bar or indulge with some friends and rent an Asian-styled karaoke room.

Why do we love making fools of ourselves in public? Who knows, but karaoke remains as popular today as it ever was! Prove to your partner that you know how to let loose and have fun by bringing taking them out for a wild night of karaoke.


  • Karaoke Venue
  • Hot Outfit (ideally with sparkles!)
  • Karaoke Song of Choice


  1. Bar or private club. The choice of venue will depend on your access and preferences. If you’d feel more comfortable renting a private karaoke room with a group of friends (often found in large cities and “Chinatowns”) and are able to find one near you, then go for it! But if that isn’t available, you don’t mind being a public spectacle, or it isn’t a double date (nothing is more awkward then a private karaoke room for two), then opt for the loudest, most crowded karaoke bar around!
  2. Have a drink and don’t be scared. It isn’t normally advisable to get drunk on a date, but this is an exception. Feel free to over-indulge a bit (within reason and only if not driving) to get in the mood! There’s no pressure to sing if you or your partner don’t want to (being a passive bystander won’t disappoint!), but consider giving it a whirl. Karaoke is a no judgement zone!

Date Tip

The most you can lose is your voice and your pride (but if you drink enough no one will notice either).
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