Dating Advice: How To Survive Your First Fight!

By: Rosie Valentine |

Online Dating

Lately, a lot of my good friends have found themselves in new relationships. Fun fact-most of them met their significant other on an online dating site.

But, I digress. Along with the fun, mushy relationship “firsts”-first date, first kiss, first time meeting the friends/parents/kids/dog…there is also the FIRST FIGHT. How you handle the first fight sets the tone for the rest of your relationship.

All couples fight, period. If you don’t fight, and I mean NEVER, you’re like a unicorn and please, tell us your ways. But for the rest of us, fighting doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Although cliche’, fighting can make your relationship stronger-through fighting, you stand up for your beliefs and you listen to and learn about your partners beliefs. Fighting often leads to talking, and understanding-and although it’s not fun, there are some ways to make sure it doesn’t break your relationship.

1. Keep it clean.
This is simple. Don’t fight dirty. Don’t name call, don’t attack with hurtful things just because, and never ever resort to physical violence. Try to keep your anger in check-and your yelling to a minimum. Calm and collected is sexy.

2. Remember what you’re fighting about.
You know those fights that you have, where you can’t even remember WHAT you were arguing about in the first place because the whole thing spiraled into a free for all of what irritates you about the other person? Yeah…don’t do that. Stay on the subject and most importantly, resolving it.

3. It’s About BOTH Of You.
I’m learning this one as we speak. It’s not about being right, and it’s not about “winning”…as you’re arguing, as difficult as it is, try to remember that you care about the other person a lot, and your motives should be to do the best thing for the both of you…for the greater good of the relationship. Yes, it’s cheesy-but there are two of you in the relationship, and you want him to be happy too…right? RIGHT? 🙂

4. Have make up sex.
Enough said 😀