The Truth About Dating a Cop Police Officer

Or not.

If you check out the costume section of any adult novelty store it’s obvious that a lot of people fantasise about dating a law enforcement officer (or at the very least, getting naked with them!) However, as much as dating a police officer may seem sexy, the reality is often more complicated than you might think. The intensity of their job can have differing effects on a relationship in both good and not so good ways. Having dated several people who work in law enforcement, I’ve learned quite a bit.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like dating a cop, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) You’ll feel safe. One of the things I initially loved when I dated a cop for the first time was how safe I felt with them. Not only do they care about your wellbeing, you know they also care about the wellbeing of those around them – it’s a nice feeling. If anything were to go wrong, you know you’re in good hands.

2) They might have different views on drugs and alcohol than you do. It’s the police’s job to protect citizens from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Everyone is different, but my ex was extremely anti-alcohol because of a lot of alcohol related situations he had witnessed on the job. Although my days of keg parties and all-night partying are long behind me, I do enjoy a good glass of wine every now and then, and I refuse to feel bad about it. It was definitely an area of conflict in our relationship. On the flip side, I’ve heard friends complain that their law-enforcement partners always go out drinking with their work buddies (sometimes to access) to blow off steam. With that said, these are the kinds of difference that could make or break any potential couple – regardless of what their profession is.

3) It’s not a 9-5 job. If you’re looking to date someone who is always home at the same time each day, dating a police officer is probably not for you. Most people who work in law enforcement do shift work, meaning they might be at work while you’re sleeping and vice versa, and this schedule can change depending on the week/month. The downside is that they might not always be available when you want them to be, however if you’re the kind of person who (like me) values their alone time, dating someone who doesn’t have a 9-5 schedule can sometimes be a positive thing.

4) It’s a stressful job and sometimes that stress comes home with them. Between the shift work,  the long hours and dealing with dangerous, life and death situations – being a cop can be very stressful. To quote a cop I once dated, “Every day I go to work, I witness the breakdown of society.” Even if the person you’re dating is positive and upbeat, you have to keep in mind that many police see and experience some pretty grizzly stuff on a day to day basis – and sometimes it’s hard to let it go at the end of the day. Added to that, because of the sensitive nature of what they do, they often they can’t talk about their work –  even when they really want to.  Being patient and a good listener is essential.

5) If you do want to act out your cop fantasies in the bedroom, they have all the right equipment. Need I say more?!

6) You get to be proud of them. You’re dating someone who puts their life on the line every workday to keep other people safe. That’s pretty awesome, and there is nothing better than being proud of the person you love.

Like dating anyone with a demanding career, dating a police officer is definitely full of lots of highs and lows. You take the good with the bad, however at the end of the day it all comes to the individual people and situation. The life of dating a police officer isn’t for everyone,  but when it’s a good match, it’s much easier to work through the challenges together.

Would you ever date a police officer?

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