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Meeting Someone Face-to-Face for the First Time

For most people, this is the goal of chatting online – not to spend more and more time chatting and exchanging emails but to meet up with someone you like face to face. Of course, we’ve all heard horror stories, but that can’t stop us from wanting to use the internet to meet new people. There is always some amount of risk involved in meeting anyone new for the first time, but what can we do to minimise that risk?

Meeting Someone Face-to-Face for the First Time
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The place that you meet is important. It goes without saying that its best to meet in a safe and public location where you can make sure that the person you’re meeting is who they say they are and there are lots of people around.

According to the statistics, 28% of people choose to meet in restaurants, a further 22% meet at bars whilst 3% of people actually choose to meet people online in their own home. The risks associated with this last one should be obvious; you’re in a private and unfamiliar place. Perhaps the most important aspect of meeting up safely is to make sure that you meet up on your own terms, and don’t feel pushed into meeting at a place or time that doesn’t suit you.

This may all sound very paranoid, after all according to a survey over 11% of people claim they are in love with the people they meet before they meet them. However, there are horror stories for a reason: no-one ever intends to meet up with someone who isn’t trustworthy, or who is dangerous to be around. If you’re meeting someone who genuinely loves you then it goes without saying that they’ll want you to feel as safe as possible, and will go out of their way to accommodate you in that wish.

If you’re going to be travelling a long distance to meet up with someone then make sure you book somewhere to sleep of your own, to head back to in case things get awkward with the person you’re meeting. After all, even married couples have arguments and misunderstandings. At this stage in your relationship, you may not have yet been through your first argument – you do not know how the person you’re dating may act under pressure, or when angry. For this reason, booking a hotel room near to where they live is always a sensible choice.

Meeting face to face for the first time should be exciting and not too nerve-racking. Following the above dating tips will ensure that you are free to enjoy yourself without putting yourself at risk when online dating.

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