Are We Dating or Just Friends?

Oh, the dreaded friend zone. You guys have the best time together-maybe deep conversations, hysterical laughter, you share common interests, HELLO you are perfect for each other! Or so you think. Why hasn’t he tried to kiss you? Why won’t she only hang out with you in a group? Here’s how to tell if you’re in the friend zone-and possibly how to get out of it!

1. Never Hanging Out One on One.
As I mentioned above, if the object of your affection only spends time with you in the presence of others…it’s not a good sign. One on one=date, more often than not. One on one=making out, more often than not. Oh, is that just me…moving on. Group dates, or hanging out with friends is a great thing, but if it’s an all the time thing-try asking him or her to hang out with JUST YOU. See how it goes over. If it’s a no, be on the lookout for someone who doesn’t want to share you with everyone else all the time.

2. No Sexy Time.
Ok, calm down. Not necessarily SEXy time, I mean do whatever you want people, we support you, but no affection period is not a good sign! I think it’s safe to say that when you are interested in someone romantically, you want to kiss them…and hold their hand, and sit as close to them as possible. It’s just natural. For example, I can’t imagine being on the same couch as my boyfriend and not wanting to put my head on his shoulder or him not having his hand on my leg. Sorry, I know I know we’re in that stage-but regardless, there should be some sexual tension! Something! Anything!

3. They Avoid “YOU” Talk.
By “You” talk, I mean couple talk. They avoid anything that could lead to a conversation about your status, feelings, future…see, in my opinion-and this blog is my opinion, yay, if you’re friend-zoned it doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t like you. Quite the contrary-of course they like you! As. A. Friend. And they don’t want to enter a discussion that could ruin that, or hurt you. I believe that most people are good and caring, and don’t enjoy breaking hearts.

How To Get Out Of The Friend-Zone, OR Get Past It!
As you know, it takes two to tango. If the other person just isn’t feeling it, there isn’t much you can do. What I can tell you is that you never know, and it might be worth telling them your feelings. I’m really big on this open heart, brutal honesty thing in 2011-lol, we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully, you’re all adults and if your feelings aren’t reciprocated, you can go back to being movie buddies or what have you.

Also, don’t waste the pretty. OR the handsome. If you’re putting all your energy into someone who just isn’t that into you…stop it! I know it’s easier said than done, especially when it’s a friend, and you know them and how great they are, etc. But at the end of the day, you deserve someone who wants all of you. Keep being a great friend, but keep your eyes, and heart open.

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