Online Dating Horror Stories

Once upon a time, a girl met a slightly older gentleman on an online dating site. Initially, the age gap turned her off, but he seemed to have a great personality, his life was together and he made her laugh a couple of times. She decided he was worthy of an innocent lunch date, and met him at a restaurant midway between their homes. (Always take your own car/transportation). ALWAYS.

He was 35 minutes late. RED FLAG.
She waited. She shouldn’t have. But her hair was done…

When he finally arrived, she didn’t recognize him. AT. ALL. This was definitely a case of stolen pictures.  EW!  The girl didn’t know what to do, as she was raised with manners and doesn’t like to offend…jokingly she said, “Wow, did you use your son’s photo’s?” It didn’t go over very well.

They were shown to their table, and she became more and more uneasy. The thought of spending an hour with this stranger, who had lied about what he looked like and who knows what else, really made her uncomfortable. She listened to her gut and excused herself to go outside to “call her sister”…she walked/ran to her car and got the hell out of there.

Now. I don’t condone this kind of behavior, but sometimes it’s necessary. Listen to your intuition and remember, you don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to do. If he/she creeps you the hell out, leave.

If it’s just a case of no connection but you CAN stomach a drink and maybe dinner with the other person, do it. Try to find something, anything to talk about. It’s sharing a meal, you’re not getting married. Then, politely end the date and follow up with the standard–“Thanks but I just didn’t feel any connection. Good luck with your search.” email.

What? I still have SOME manners. 🙂

Stay tuned for lot’s of content this week…more horror stories, some happy stories and a special post! xo Liz

8 responses to “Online Dating Horror Stories”

  1. Oughta Say Avatar


    Thankfully I’ve never met anyone from the internet that didn’t look like their pictures. However, I was pretty sure one guy should have been searching for men not women and another was dreadfully boring and painful to carry on a conversation with.

    I agree, always best to give a quick to the point, gentle let down to those ones that miss the mark

  2. Amy Avatar

    WOW!! That’s creepy!!!

  3. Kimberly Avatar

    So, what’s the protocol on ending an online relationship? There’ s one guy I’ve only talked with on the phone…can I end it on email?

    There’s one I’ve actually met in person, can I end it on email?

    I’d love to know the “right” thing to do here.

    1. Liz Avatar

      I think in both cases a polite email would work, especially with the one you’ve just spoken to on the phone. If you aren’t feeling it, there’s no need to go further! You have other men to find 🙂

  4. Kimberly Avatar

    Thanks, Liz. I emailed Bachelor #1 and let him know that I was ending it. I was honest and forthright, but not mean.

    Tomorrow, I’ll handle Bachelor #2 in a similar way. Needed to think of just the right words for him since we’d met for coffee.

    I’m glad I’m puttin’ on my big girl panties and dealin’ with it!

  5. Singles Women Avatar

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  6. kimberly brooks Avatar

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  7. GreenEyedLady Avatar

    OMG I really hope that things like these won’t happen to me!

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