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10 Surprising Facts About Love and Attraction

vitruvian man

If you’ve been religiously reading our articles, one way or another, you’d gain tons of insight on how to go about your dating life. If you want to further enhance your knowledge and gain an edge over others, then you have to go deep…way deep. Let’s talk about the science of attraction and falling in love! Ready to take mental notes? Here they are!

1. The power of eye contact

You often hear people say that eye contact is a sign of respect; what you don’t know is that eye contact can be a sign of love too! It can fan the flames of love between two strangers! Staring into each other’s eyes for more than an hour can create a feeling of longing and love.

2. A matter of brevity

There is no need for long talks and overzealous flirting. Psychologists believe that it only takes four minutes and ninety seconds for a person to determine if he or she likes someone. The majority factor for this swift decision is body language. Make your moves count!

3. The age factor

An extensive study of how a person’s choice of partner is directly influenced by the age of his parents upon conception. Those people who are born to parents in their 30’s are likely to be more attracted to a mate who’s older than them.

4. The voice

Women find men who have deeper voices to be highly attractive. They associate men who possess the golden vocal chords of Barry White with a large, muscular physique. The attraction has a lot to do with our innate inclination towards sexual dimorphisms or the difference in appearance between male and female species. Women naturally (and unconsciously) view male as the beefed up manly man, while men see women as a fragile being in need of protection.

5. Opposites do attract

The idea of men and women having a platonic relationship is a possibility but not a reality…thanks to men. Men are more likely to view friendship as a means to pursue a romantic level of relationship. Men perceive that the attractions they feel towards women are more often than not mutual. Over confident much?

6. Blame it on the hormones

A bonding hormone found in male sweat called androstadienone is a source of attraction for women; the stronger, the better. A whiff of the odorless hormone can send women into elated mood frenzy and sexual arousal. Guys, don’t go all crazy by doing a 100k run then refusing to showering prior to a big date. It doesn’t work that way. Please.

7. Lady in red

Wearing the color of love can actually help women get, uhm, love! Women wearing red clothing are associated with being sexually responsive and it can increase her overall status. Red gives ladies an instant feeling of confidence, empowerment and sexiness. If you don’t fancy wearing a red outfit, try putting on a crimson lipstick the next time you go out. Men are attracted to that as well.

8. Bitching game

Women find men who are liked by other women more appealing. Experts describe it as the ‘copycat reflex’. It is a type of natural selection (specifically sexual selection) that dates back in the primitive times. Women are inclined to men who have been proven to be good mates by being tried and tested by others. Mate copying is also a big factor as to why women like married men.

9. The look of love

Men are subconsciously attracted to women with larger pupils. Italian women even went to greater lengths to dilate their pupil by using Belladonna (beautiful lady) plant extract to make them more attractive hundreds of years ago.

10. Love lessens pain

Pain experts found out that the distraction caused by being in love can lessen the feeling of physical pain. Love targets the area of the brain where opioids works best. Having a terrible headache? Go fall in love!

What surprises you most about love and attraction?

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