Top 7 Places to Fool Around

1266_9937I would almost guarantee that nearly every single person out there has a handful (or three) of really awesome make out sessions under their belt. I mean, let’s face it, fooling around is fun; especially the kissing part. And sometimes where you’re making out is just as fun and interesting as who you’re making out with. So, whether you’ve found someone new or are trying to keep things frisky here are the top 7 places to fool around.

In a car

I know this one gets a little harder (and seems far more pointless) when you’re in an adult. And, if you live in a city it’s next to impossible unless you consider a cab. But there is still something fun about parking the car and messing around. Maybe it’s the comical moments you have while maneuvering your bodies around to find a good position. Or the fact that it makes you feel like that teenager who has to hurry to make it home before curfew. Nevertheless, it’s quite awesome.

The couch

I always have been (and probably always will be) a fan of the old school “let’s watch a scary movie” kind of move. There’s just something fun about turning off all the lights and snuggling under the blanket. Of course, you probably don’t want to choose a movie you actually want to watch.

The shower

No clothes. Soap and water. Yeah, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

The bedroom

I was going to list the bed because even if it seems classic it’s still totally fun. But then I also realized how many other places there are in the bedroom for some frisky fun too.

The dark corner of a bar

I’m not encouraging anyone to get scandalous in public (really, I’m not). But sitting all snuggly in a booth in a dark bar provides the perfect scenario for some making out. Just sayin’.

A hotel room

Maybe you’re on vacation or maybe you want to get away from roommates or kids. Regardless, a new (and secluded) bedroom definitely provides the perfect atmosphere.

The kitchen

It’s pretty much the bedroom except there is a counter instead of a bed.  And there’s really just something about the kitchen is exciting. Maybe it’s because the making out tends to be really spontaneous; like when you’re cooking breakfast or dinner.

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