10 Ways to Tell if She Likes You


Decoding someone’s behaviour when you like them (and hope they like you too!) can sometimes be tricky. We’ve talked about signs he likes you ….but how about signs that she likes you? Having a hard time trying to decipher whether the woman you’re interested in is also interested in you? Here are a few straight-forward signs that she’s into you:

1. She’s interested in your life and asks a lot of questions – When we like a guy, we want to know things about him. This means asking questions about his life, his family and how he feels. We might also feel compelled to text or call to just check in to see how your day is going. If we’re asking you to share your feelings and things about your life with us, it’s likely because we’re interested and want to try to figure out how we might fit into your life.

2. She finds excuses to touch you – a hug, a gentle touch to your back, touching your arm while we talk to you…if we’re into you we’ll find ways to touch you without (hopefully) seeming creepy.

3. She gets nervous when she’s around you – I can’t speak for everyone here but when I really like someone and/or am attracted to them, it’s like I catch a case of “sexually transmitted nervousness”  I can be slightly clumsier than normal, I mix up my words, I say the wrong thing and frequently put my foot in my mouth (figuratively) If you notice a girl seems exceptionally awkward around you, it’s likely that she’s into you.

4. She’s often smiling and laughing when you’re around – If you notice she’s always smiling and laughing whenever you speak it could mean a few different things: she’s a very friendly person in general, she actually has vaseline on her teeth that prevents her from keeping a straight face, or you know, she might actually like you. When I like someone, I always catch myself smiling and laughing more whenever I’m in their presence because I find them witty, charming and attractive.

5. She always looks good whenever she’s around you – This is probably the hardest sign for men to decode. After all, if you like a girl it’s likely you think that she always looks good regardless. I dress first and foremost for myself. However, if I know I’m going to be hanging out with someone I’m into, I’ll make sure I bring my A-game. This means making sure I look polished and presentable. Even if I’m just wearing my Lulu-lemons, I’ll make sure I’m wearing the “nice” lulus – the one’s that aren’t pilled and covered in cat hair.

6. She makes eye contact – Theres the old adage that “the eyes are the window into the soul” – guess what? It’s true. Looking into her eyes is also a good way to tell if she’s attracted to you. When I like someone, I flirt by making as much eye-contact as possible.

7. She tells you that she likes the way you smell – As we’ve mentioned before, when a woman says she loves the way you smell  it usually means she’s attracted to you. Pheromones – those invisible love chemicals that lead to sexual attraction – are very, very powerful. If I love the way you smell, it’s likely that’s not the only thing about you that I’m smitten by.

8. She does something nice for you without asking – Remember in the movie Wayne’s World when Wayne’s crazy ex-girlfriend makes him a gun rack? Wayne definitely wasn’t into Stacy but she was definitely into him. Whether it’s making something by hand, forwarding you our favourite green smoothy recipe, or making you dinner – if we do little things like this for you, it’s likely that we like you as more than just a friend.

9. She shares parts of her life with you – Whether this means showing you photos of our cat, lending you our favourite book,  or taking you to our favourite spot in the city “that no one else knows about”, doing these things mean that we want you to know who we are…because we like you.

10. She’s interested in knowing about your family – If a woman asks a lot of questions about your family or wants to meet them, she most likely is interested in you. We want to know about your family because we think there might be a future with you and we want to see whether we’d fit into the bigger picture.

What do you think? What’s a sure sign that she likes you?

3 responses to “10 Ways to Tell if She Likes You”

  1. Vicky Walker Avatar

    No! Honestly,not ten ways to tell! I do most of these things with absolutely no hidden meaning, just being friendly and interested in people in general, but it does explain why some men think they’re irresistible to women if they’re reading tips like this…

    1. Elizabeth Marie Avatar

      Hi Vicky,
      Good point! However, it can go both ways. While you might do these things with no hidden meaning, other women do them to show interest in a man. 🙂

  2. Ally Brown Avatar
    Ally Brown

    This is definitely wrong!
    Trust me boys, most of those are things girls would do for someone they care about, it doesn’t mean they like you.

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