20 Worst Wedding Dresses of All Time

By: Rosie Valentine |

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Confession: Although I’m in no hurry to walk down the aisle myself, I secretly get a kick out of looking at wedding dresses…especially the really, really bad ones. It’s a guilty pleasure, really, and one I completely recommend! If you ever find yourself in a bad mood or having a bad day, just remind yourself “Life could be worse. These could be my wedding photos” – and then go on about your life, smug in the knowledge that you will never look like a drunk stripper wearing a captain’s hat on the day you say “I Do.” I believe this is when the kids would say–winning!

1. If this bride looks like a deer caught in the headlights it’s because she can’t move…at all.

2. I’d like to file this first dress under “Worst Wedding Dresses: Dressing like a Stripper Edition”

3. Pamela Anderson’s infamous “wedding attire” for her nuptials with Kid Rock. Because nothing says classy like a white thong bikini and a captain’s hat.

4. What always baffles me about dresses like this is that you know it actually required effort to look this wacky. I mean, I doubt you could buy this dress in an actual store. Someone actually made this dress with their own blood, sweat and tears…but mostly tears. Go Sixers?

5. Every girl dreams of one day marrying her prince with the words “Wifey” written across her butt in blue spray paint.

6. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now retreat into the forrest and shoot your first deer together as a married couple”

7. The inspiration for this look was “Princess Porno Barbie”

8. 100 fake Louis Vuitton purses died to make this dress.

9. It’s rare when all of my worst nightmares are captured in one single photo.


11. It looks like whoever designed this dress, took an otherwise gorgeous frock and then tied it off at the bottom like a hefty bag. Even the model (who looks like she just rolled out of bed) doesn’t look impressed.

12. This is what happens when the groom changes his mind and decides to marry the stripper from last night’s Bachelor Party instead…

13. When someone told this Bride to “show off her best features” on her wedding day she took it literally. Clearly her best feature isn’t common sense.

14. Thought #13’s dress was a one time thing?! You’re wrong! No one wants to have to tell their groom “eyes up here!” while you’re saying your vows.

15. Remember that time on Sex and the City when Samantha got a chemical peel and had to wear a giant hat to cover her red, blistered face? Yes, that. I feel like that episode may have inspired this look:

16. What’s not to like?! Everyone enjoys a wedding gown inspired by their favourite childhood movie….


17. Is that a boob slipping out of the bottom of her shirt ?! Oh hell no!

18. There’s no shame in being a pregnant bride….errrr, except when you wear this to your wedding.

19. Vegas show girl? Bride? or both?

20. For any woman who’s ever wanted to look like a crocheted hot dog on their wedding day, this look is for you:

Which one is your favorite terrible wedding dress?

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