3 Ways To Turn a Woman On Without Touching Her

If you want a woman to fawn all over you in the sack, you’ve got to learn how to turn her on even when you aren’t rolling around naked.  Basically, you’ve got to make sure she likes you enough to even want to see you naked in the first place. Yes, women love the penis, but the trick is to make her love YOUR penis-or at least like it a lot.  And that starts with you.  Some guys forget this, and then wonder why nobody will sleep with them.  Here’s how to prevent becoming one of those guys.

Smell good. I know, how basic…but it’s SO important.  At some point, I’d love to never again have to write a blog post about the importance of personal hygiene and taking care of yourself, but unfortunately I keep meeting people who have not yet embraced the art of the shower.  Here’s the thing, guys-If she doesn’t want to be near you when you’re fully clothed, there’s no way she’ll want to be pressed up against you naked and sweaty.  It doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s what you do with it that counts.  Make her want more.  A sexy cologne always helps, too.

Be a bit unavailable.  Note-this doesn’t mean you should play games and be a jerk, it just means that it’s better to be a bit aloof then be the guy who calls her 12 times a day and just overall freaks her out.  Casual dating is all about mystery and attraction and a sense of novelty, so keep it fresh-don’t call her “just to talk” or fall into patterns that you might see in a traditional relationship.

Tease her(but don’t be mean).  Make fun of some silly thing she said, but make sure she knows that you’re joking.  When she tells you to stop but she’s laughing too, congratulations-it’s working-you’re turning her on.  Creating a bit of playful tension between the both of you ignites a different kind of spark-maybe she’ll be so mad that she’ll just have to pin you down in bed later.  Bad boy! 🙂


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