Are you stuck in the friend zone?

Oh, the Friend Zone, we’ve all been there. It’s definitely a frustrating place to be – especially if you want so much more than friendship. Let’s find out if you are Friend Zoned or not, shall we?


Do they ask you for advice about the opposite sex? This is pretty straight forward. If you’re constantly being asked for advice on where to take a girl or if he should wait to call her after three days or even if he’s asking to you help Facebook stalk to get your opinion on how hot she is, you may be in the Friend Zone.

Does he tell you all about his dating struggles or successes? After he goes on a date, are you first to hear all about it? Do you hear how awful it was or how boring she is? Do you now know hot she was and that he couldn’t wait to take her home? Do you know exactly what happened when they got home? Yep, Friend Zoned.

Are you treated like “one of the guys”? Are you invited out and the only girl there? Does he invite you to join his male only fantasy football draft? Are you the only girl on the kickball team? If he’s burping and scratching and all around too comfortable around you, he may just think you’re another one of the dudes. Definitely Friend Zoned.

Do you ever hang out alone or is it always a group thing? Does he ever ask you to hang out alone? Are you always going to the bar with the big group of friends? You could just be lost in the shuffle of the group of friends and totally Friend Zoned.

Does he show interest in your love life? When you talk about guys, does he get uncomfortable and try to stay away from the topic? Does he try to set you up with his friends? It’s not likely he’s into you if that’s happening, so you are probably all up in the Friend Zone.

If you start dating someone does he immediately go into “protective big brother” mode? If you start talking about someone new and invite him out to hang with your friends, does he start going all 20 questions on him? Where is he from, what does he do, if you hurt her, I’ll hunt you down, type stuff? Yeah, definitely Friend Zoned, but it is good to know he cares about you and doesn’t want to see you hurt.

So have you determined you have been Friend Zoned? Here’s a couple tips to get out – make sure they know you have a life outside them and don’t wait to make the first move. Be bold and you’ll be sure to impress!

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