19 Ways To Approach Women Anywhere

Most guys, even the ones who seem the most confident, will admit that approaching a woman they find attractive is incredibly nerve racking. Since first impressions are so important, the pressure to say and do the right things is intense. You don’t want to come off as a player, a creeper or insincere. Don’t worry, if you’re wondering how to impress the most girls anywhere, we’ve got you covered no matter where you’re making the first move, even on Facebook!

Here are the best ways to approach women.

1. Compliment her in the right way. Pick something unique about her that genuinely stood out to you and it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. Actually, it’s better if it’s not! For example, “Your laugh is contagious…I want to keep hearing it” will win her over more than “You have beautiful eyes.”

2. Ask her a creative and open ended question. If you’re waiting in line behind her at the grocery store, saying something like: “If you could be anywhere but here right now, where would you be?” will catch her off guard and get the conversation rolling.

3. Admit that you’re nervous. When you confide in a woman that you turn into an awkward goof around her, she can’t help but be flattered. She’ll also think that your honesty is refreshing in a sea of players faking their confidence.

4. Bring a friend with you. If a girl is hanging out in a big group, it can be incredibly intimidating to walk up to them alone. Bringing a friend with you can help break the ice, but make sure you pay the most attention to the one who stood out.

5. Comment on something insignificant. If you’re approaching a girl online and are unsure of what to say in the first email, it’s always sweet to include a comment on something she briefly mentioned in her profile. Whether it be a particular music group or food she loves, or a quote from a t.v show, noticing the small details will show her you’re paying attention to what she wrote.

6. Dance with her. This one is risky, but can work if it’s done right. Dancing does not mean grinding up on her leg, and is not an excuse to grab her ass. Dancing is a great way to bond without having to go through awkward small talk, just make sure you both are having fun.

7. Send her a drink. Having a bartender do your dirty work and bring her over a drink is a surefire way to make her feel special. Bonus points if you refill her friends glasses too! Just remember though, at some point you will have to talk to her!

8. Say hello! You would be surprised at how many guys don’t say hi to a girl they find attractive and let her pass them by! Sometimes, simple is better. Shake her hand and introduce yourself.

9. Ask her opinion. Most women just LOVE to give their two cents! Ask her if you should cut your hair off. Or grow a beard. Or what wine to order with dinner. Or where the best restaurant in town is. Get the drift? Just ask her something!

10. Be vulnerable. Women are used to guys coming at them with slick, premeditated pick up lines designed to fool them. If you walk up to a woman and say: “I couldn’t take my eyes off you and had to say hello”, you’ll immediately disarm her and she won’t be so quick to reject you.

11. Make her laugh. Guys who don’t take themselves too seriously are inherently sexy. Tell her a silly joke or even lightly make fun of her a little bit. But only a little bit! Playful joking is one thing, being straight up insulted is another.

12. Ask her for help. Along with having an abundance of opinions, most women are also extremely nurturing and willing to lend a helping hand to a handsome eligible bachelor in need. What can I say, we’re givers. Ask a girl you’re interested in to help you pick out a present for your Moms birthday, or if you’re in class together ask her to help you study. Make sure you really need the help though, women don’t take too kindly to their time being wasted!

13. Use a horribly cheesy pick-up line. This will only work if it’s clear that you’re making fun of lines like this, so bust out your silliest voice and have fun with it. I’m talking super cheese-ball here, guys. Lines like “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” Bonus points if you mess it up and start laughing.

14. Let’s talk Facebook! Maybe a friend of a friend has caught your eye, but you don’t want to seem like a super creep and send her a message right away. The next time she comments on a mutual friends wall, status or photo, comment underneath her and engage her in the conversation-if she takes the bait, you can send her a friend request and a private message.

15. Back to online dating. Because you’re not face to face, it might seem not as stressful as walking up to a girl, but it’s still your first chance to make a great impression. When you approach a woman via email, refrain from sending one sentence messages saying “You’re hot.” Tell her what you liked about her profile, the things that you have in common and a few key things about yourself, ending with open ended questions of course!

16. Pass her a note. Don’t just leave your phone number though, that’s creepy! You can’t expect a rational girl to call up every stranger danger who hands over his digits. Write your name, something you noticed about her (avoiding the physical if possible) and what your goal is. Do you want to buy her a drink and she should meet you at the bar if she’s interested? Take her out for coffee next week? Whatever it is, have a call to action.

17. Dedicate a song to her. This one requires putting your pride on the line, but it could very well be worth it. If you’re at a club or a bar where there is loud music playing, slip the DJ some cash and ask him to dedicate a song to the girl who’s caught your eye. Ex “the gorgeous brunette in the blue dress sitting in the corner booth.” She’ll either be flattered beyond belief or completely mortified. It’s a coin toss!

18. Ask her friends for help. One of the best ways to win a girl over is to make friends with her friends. Approach one of the women she’s hanging out with and plead your case. Ask her for the best way to approach her BFF. Most women can’t resist a guy who is willing to go that far for their friend and will most likely do everything she can to help you out!

19. Smile and stare. Ok, not STARE like a creepy stalker, but maintain enough eye contact to let her know you’ve noticed her. Pretty soon, she’ll be waiting and expecting you to come over…but don’t! Stand your ground. Hopefully, she’ll get so impatient that she’ll approach you! Isn’t that a nice change of pace?

5 responses to “19 Ways To Approach Women Anywhere”

  1. Dating Bullet Avatar

    Great tips and very useful advice. I always do the No.5 “Comment on something insignificant” I guarantee that this is very effective to approach a woman online and to get a nice impression from her.

  2. chris Avatar

    Great post. I like most of the ideas on hear, except for admitting your nervous and being vulnerable.

    I would feel like a total wussy if I admitted I was nervous to a attractive woman!

  3. date safe Avatar

    This tips will surely help lots of men out there especially those who are hesitant to make the first move. I couldn’t agree more with number that compliments should be given in the right way because there are times when compliments can be offensive (e.g. complimenting a woman for knowing how to run a simple computer application).

  4. Amanda Avatar

    This is very good post with very useful advice. Hope this help me in the next date.

  5. snurphy Avatar

    Thats a nice one but mind u it doesn’t work in some girls. So be very cautious and careful

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