First Date Survival Guide Infographic

As you may remember, last month  we asked our worldwide base of readers and friends to participate in a survey all about what makes a first date a success, and participate you did! We wanted to know the truth about what you’re really thinking on a first date, what turns you off completely or what makes you eager for a second date, and you didn’t hold back!  We took all the answers to our survey and created a one stop shop for all your first date questions-plus everyone knows a picture  really is worth a thousand words.  Use this infographic as a guide to navigate your next first date straight into second date territory.

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4 responses to “First Date Survival Guide Infographic”

  1. A guy Avatar

    I would add #5: dress above average. This is crucial for a first date. It show shows your partner that you put some thought when you walked out of the house.

    1. Liz Avatar

      Absolutely agree! Especially for the guys! 🙂

  2. Jerminix Avatar

    some are true for males XD

  3. Murgull Avatar

    A very interesting first date poll, I especially liked beware of android users 🙂

    Regarding 4. if any of the worst things are true, possibly with the exception of table manners, there won’t be a second date.

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