Top 5 Reasons To Date a Computer Geek

By: Rosie Valentine |

Online Dating

I remember the days when having an extreme interest in computers and technology was considered a bad thing.  I never understood what those guys in my high school were doing, hunched over their old school mac computers and talking about RAM.  It sounded like a foreign language and so nerdy!  Fast forward a few years, and guys who are interested in techy, computer stuff are in high demand and there is just something about those so-called “nerds” that most women can’t get enough of, including myself!  What can I say, I have a weakness for a man who knows his way around a hard drive and has his way with HTML.  Here are my top five reasons to date a computer geek…and I should know, I’m dating one of my very own!

1. He can fix everything.  This is especially handy for girls like me who have a tendency to break things quite a bit 🙂 .  But here’s the thing, even if he doesn’t know how to fix something-for example, your car or laptop, he’ll google it until he’s blue in the face.  He’ll pull up tutorials on Youtube, download step by step pdfs, and get the job done.  A computer geek will never say “I don’t know how to do that…”, he always figures it out-and that kind of determination is pretty damn sexy.

2. He has his fingers on the pulse of society. I consider myself a very Internet savvy girl and a complete social media addict. Computer geeks take it to the next level though.  They know what websites to go to and when, for the very best and most up to date information.  My boyfriend constantly g-chats me links through-out the day of breaking news stories that I haven’t even heard of, regardless if I’m signed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which I always am! I’ll never know how he does it, but I look forward to my gchats everyday.

3. They don’t need constant attention.  You know how some guys need non-stop praise and attention?  Not computer geeks. They’ve learned to play on their own, which is great when you need to get your own stuff done!   These guys are the happiest when it’s just  them, some music and their external hard drives.  Hmm..that sounded a bit dirtier than I intended!  You won’t have to constantly entertain them-they will never run out of things to explore online.

4. You’ll never get lost.  A few weeks ago, my boyfriend took me on a birthday trip to San Francisco.  We had no idea where to go to eat, to shop, to explore and didn’t do much planning ahead of time.  I was a bit worried that we’d miss out on some great places, but not at all!  He simply busted out his iphone, google maps, yelp, urban spoon and navigated us around the city like he was my own personal tour guide.  It was so fun, and I felt so taken care of.  If you’re going to do this though and solely rely on handheld technology, make sure you grab your phone charger on your way out the door.

5. You’ll always get a great deal.  Before I started dating my boyfriend, I wasn’t the biggest fan of online shopping.  It seemed a pain in the ass and even more expensive when you factored in shipping and I liked the instant gratification you get from walking into a store and walking out with something new.  My boyfriend introduced me to the world of Ebay (yes, I hadn’t used Ebay before, don’t judge), searching online for coupon codes for discounts and free shipping, and showed me the beauty of reading reviews-now I read reviews on just about anything before I buy it, it’s some new weird addiction.  Sure, I might have to wait a few days for the mail to arrive but I’ve saved so much money since I started using his little tips and tricks that I’ll never go back to my old shopping habits!

 Have you ever dated a computer geek?