The Five Rules You Need To Break If You Want To Meet Mr.’Perfect’

By: Rosie Valentine |

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The Five Rules You Need to Break if You Want to Meet Mr ‘Perfect’ 

Is there such a thing as the perfect man? The bad news is that no, there probably isn’t – not the Prince Charming you have in your head anyway and the more you start looking for ‘the perfect man’ the less likely it is you are going to find him.

Newsflash – nobody is perfect. Which is actually, not the bad news, it’s the good news.

Why? Because imperfections are f***ing awesome. Flaws, faults, irritating habits – don’t run away from them, embrace the fact your date is a little bit quirky or doesn’t *exactly* tick all your boxes, because the sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll realise that, by dropping your list of non-negotiable expectations, you might just find exactly what you are looking for.

Think you know what’s good for you? Think again. Five rules you need to break, to find your Mr Perfect.

I won’t date men who aren’t good-looking

Tall, dark and handsome? Perfect looks? Urgg forget it.

Whilst a boyfriend who looks like David Gandy might be tempting in theory, in reality, having a boyfriend who spends more time looking at himself in the mirror than he does at you is far from fun.

Of course, we all like a man who takes pride in his appearance, but a waxed chest and plucked eyebrows? Give me a wonky nose any day of the week.

Why? Because imperfections might not score them a modelling contract with Armani, but does give a man character, the same goes for you.

Stop hating the scar on your eyebrow from when you fell off your bike as a kid – that’s your story, embrace it.

I won’t date men from a broken home

Perfect childhood, perfect family, perfect friends …

Yawn, well aren’t you the lucky one. Without wanting to sound like an online troll, nothing is more boresville than that annoying person on your Facebook feed who’s family looks like an out-take of the Waltons.

When that person is your boyfriend, not only will you spend your life trying to live up to being a part of his perfect world but you’ll also spend your life digging around in his archives, determined to find some skeletons – because, trust me, everyone has them, it’s just that some people are better at hiding them than others.

I won’t date men who aren’t in a high earning profession 

We learn and grow from our mistakes – so your date flunked out of uni and is trying to pay the bills with freelance carpentry – this doesn’t make him a failure, it makes him a person that’s taken risks, and is following his passion – and what’s sexier than that? Far rather have a person in your life who goes against the grain now and again than toes the line to be what people expected him to be.

Money isn’t everything – passion is.

I won’t date men who have baggage

Baggage is fun! So long as it’s baggage in the past and not in the hallway – Presuming that your boyfriend really is divorced and has moved on from his ex there is no reason to see an ex-wife as a problem in your relationship.

And as for children- are you nuts? Children can be awesome! Open your heart and your mind, life doesn’t always deal us the hand we expected but a couple of ankle-biters thrown into the mix shouldn’t be seen as a negative, it should be seen as a great extension of him (and the perfect excuse to spend your weekends in a skate park)

I won’t date men under 6’0

I used to say that.

Then I date a man who barely came up to my tit and had the best sex I’d had in my life.

That is all.

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