10 Things We Can Learn From The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie


Like many of you, we forked out our hard earned money to go see the movie adaptations of Fifty Shades of Grey.

We laughed, swooned (just a tiny bit), cringed, got totally creeped out and then laughed some more.

However, whether you love it or hate it, the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey does teach us a few things about modern sex and relationships.

Here’s a few things we learned while watching Fifty Shades of Grey –

1. Sexual Experimentation Is A Good Thing

Be open to sexual experimentation.

Heck, be open to sex – period!

When Anastasia meets Christian she’s a frightened, meek virgin.

After she loses her virginity to Christian and gets introduced to his “red room” of pain, she experiences a sexual awakening and seems… slightly less frightened?

Although BDSM isn’t for everyone (bet we’ve all got some lovers of BDSM contacts, right?), being open to new experiences can change you life in fun and exciting ways – or in the case of Fifty Shades of Grey, induce lots of lip biting and “quivering.”

2. Consent Is Key

Although some of you probably will find Christian Grey’s lengthly sexual contract a bit ridiculous, one thing is for sure: this dude understands the importance of consent.

Before you do anything with your ts dating partner, always make sure that you’re both on the same page with an enthusiastic “hell yes!”

3. Know Your Limits And Respect Them

Although Anastasia often comes across as flustered and lacking confidence, we respect the fact that she’s not a total pushover.

She doesn’t bend to Christian’s every whim and is a fierce negotiator.

When it comes to having sex with Christian, this girl knows her limits and respects them.

She’s very clear on what she will and will not do.

4. I’d Rather Be Single Than Dating A Guy Who Sells My Car Without Asking Me

Ana: “Can I get my car back?”

Christian: “No.”


5. Same Goes For …

…dating a guy who shows up at my house uninvited to surprise me in our darkened bedroom, gets mad when we decide to go visit my mother for a few days and insists on choosing my gynaecologist, all under the guise of “protecting me.”

Cough. Cough. Christian Grey. Cough. Cough.

6. Considering How Much Time And Effort Christian Puts Into “Protecting” Ana, She Seems Perpetually Startled By Him

Like that time she runs into him while she’s cooking him breakfast…in his own house.

However, she seems completely comfortable flying upside down in a tiny tin can of a plane, flown by a man she barely knows who secretely followed her across the country when she went to visit her mother.

Go figure.

7. Saying Things Like “I Want To Bite That Lip”

Or “My Mom was a crack whore” completely out of the blue while you’re on a date sound just as uncalled for and unexpected in movies as they do in real life.

Just saying.

8. Maybe It’s Because Of His “Rough Start In Life”…

…or because there’s just something in the water in Seattle, but Christian Grey is definitely the oldest looking 27 year old, ever.

9. Although We Think We’re Meant To Assume That The Cigarette Burns On Christian’s Chest Are From His “Rough Start In Life” We Suspect They’re From One Of His Former Lady Friends

Likely one who got mad when he told them, “hey, honey you’ve got to use my gynaecologist.”

10. Movies Like Fifty Shades Of Grey Are A Fantasy

Whether sleeping with a billionaire who has a penchant for BDSM is your fantasy or not, we think it’s important that we remind ourselves that this isn’t real life.

If it was, we likely wouldn’t have a car.

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