15 Ways Women Make a Man’s Heart Melt

Guys might not admit when it happens, but they feel sentimental at special moments in relationships, just like women do. Sure, society has conditioned us to “man up” and not get too emotional about things — good luck suppressing those feelings. But honestly, it’s not healthy to hold all those feelings in. Men, you know you want to let those feelings out, especially when you’re with a girl who can get your mushy side to come out. So ladies, if you think you don’t know how to make us melt you’re probably not giving yourself enough credit.

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Here are a fifteen ways you’ll make us fall for you … if we haven’t already.

1.) Smiling — seriously.

A warm, inviting smile is a surefire way to disarm any man. Flashing him those pearly whites of yours is probably the initial reason he got hooked in the first place. Next time you’re with your guy, smile at him while looking deep into his eyes, bat your eyelashes, and coyly ask “What?” When he freezes like a deer in headlights, that’s when you know you’ve got him. (Most of you already do this, by the way.)

2.) Glancing at each other from afar.

Whether it’s a bar or a cookout, it’s great when you’re a slight distance away from your other half but still close enough to see each other’s facial expressions. It’s the kind of glance where you two share a smirk and know exactly what the other is thinking. That mind reading type of chemistry is pretty special when you find it. It’s also extremely distracting … especially when those glances are loaded with sexual intentions. Um, is it time to go home yet?

3.) Sending random and naughty texts.

The “I miss yous” are cute and all, but it’s the “I can’t we’re alone later ;)” texts that really get a guy’s attention. The timing of those texts add to the moment, too. Having a bad day at work or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic — getting a well-timed saucy text from the girl you’re dating can brighten up the darkest day. There’s nothing hotter than a women who talks the talk and walks the walk.

4.) Sharing intimate details about herself.

It can be hard for women (and men) to open up about personal stories. Revealing intimate details of her past shows she trusts you with her emotions, and more importantly, her heart. If she starts a convo with “I haven’t told too many people this,” it means you’re not just another guy. Intimate details help build rapport, which easily leads to a stronger relationship. If you feel comfortable opening up to him, do it – he’ll feel honored that you aren’t holding back, and you’ll be well on your way to a closer bond.

5.) Giving you a personal gift that relates to a conversation you once had.

When she surprises you with something you talked about for only a second a few weeks ago, it shows that she’s intensely listening to what you have to say. She also wants to show you she cares and that even the tiniest detail matters to her. It’s not about the cost of the gift, it really is the thought that counts here, sometimes the smallest gifts speak the loudest. Don’t forget to say thank you — and pay it forward with a return gift of your own.

6.) Kissing like only you can together.

There are so many kinds of kisses you can give, ranging from the “I want to rip your clothes off” to the “get away from me I have morning breath.” I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about the kiss that lets you know she’s crazy about you — slow, passionate, and to the point where it almost takes your breath away. Will men admit this happens? Of course not, but it does.  Getting emo during make-out sessions happens to us too, ladies, even if we don’t want to admit it.

7.) Noticing the first time she makes your bed and tidies up your room.

Coming back to your room after showering to find she’s made the bed and folded a few of your clothes that were scattered around is a sweet moment. Sweet, because we weren’t going to make that bed anytime soon, and it’s a sign you care enough about us that you’re willing to put up with some of our sloppy ways, and you feel comfortable enough to take care of us a little. Respect the gesture, men — but don’t abuse it, this isn’t an invitation to treat her like she’s your personal maid.

8.) Lounging in nothing but boyshorts.

Visuals. That image of you getting up to go to the bathroom in just boyshorts is a sight we can’t look away from. I could be in a dead sleep — if I sense a girl I’m seeing is slipping out of bed to leave the room, I’ll soak up every second of that rear view. It’s the little things in life.

9.) Being passionate about similar interests.

While it’s not mandatory, it certainly helps when the two of you are passionate about at least one hobby. Common interests can create an excitement you both care about sharing together. A Boston-biased example would be rooting for the home team, which is a great segue into number 10.

10.) Possessing knowledge of sports.

Again, because I’m from Boston and we’re obsessed with sports there may be a slight Northeast angle to this. However, any guy who’s a diehard fan of anything can agree —there’s nothing hotter than seeing a lady drop sports knowledge like nobody’s business. If she can engage you in a sports debate, she’s sure to rack up more points than 2007 Tom Brady. Combine that sports knowledge with some sexual witty innuendos and you two could have a field day:

“Going deep in the end zone” (football)

“Sliding hard into third” (baseball)

“Goes right to the hole for the jam” (basketball)

“Nice stick work to go top shelf and score” (hockey)

I could keep going, but you get the point.

11.) Wearing a jersey on game day.

Now, if she tops off sports knowledge with sporting a jersey, we’re talking wifey material. It ends up being a constant struggle of what should we pay attention to more: the actual game or you looking fine as hell in that skintight #12 jersey (wicked sexy). If you really want to distract him, naughty play during breaks in the game will make him feel like a winner, regardless of his team’s outcome.

12.) Donning yoga pants after the gym.

Yeah, it’s cliche’ but for good reason! There’s nothing hotter than your girl coming home from a workout in those tight pants, leaving no curve to the imagination. Simple, sexy, and irresistible. Seeing her from behind pushing a Target carriage is an extra bonus. How do I know this? Cause 95 percent of the reason I go to Target in the first place is so I can subtly stalk MILFs on Saturday mornings while running errands myself. It’s hot, but it’s even hotter when them tight yoga pants are rocked by the girl you’re into.

13.) Baking dessert.

Yep, the way to man’s heart is really through his stomach. There are many foods that create a natural aphrodisiac. All that science is great, but you can toss it out the window. It doesn’t matter what dessert is being baked; giving your guy his favorite after-dinner sweet treat is one of the quickest ways to make him salivate over you. The fresh sent of a warm apple pie cooling on top of an oven will make the toughest man melt faster than that scoop of vanilla ice cream topping.

14.) Playing well with kids.

Motherly instincts are a great quality to have when you’re ready to settle down. If you’re a 30-something bachelor like myself, there’s plenty of friends and family who have kids running around during parties and gatherings. Seeing your girl handle children as if they were her own is a sight that might make a guy a little soft on the inside, and start to contemplate the future…a little.

15.) Bonding with mom.

For his entire existence there’s only been one woman in his life that was number one — mum. You don’t have to be a momma’s boy to respect her opinion. When he sees that you’ve won his mother over there’s no telling what you can do get away with. Stealing his heart? Absolutely. In fact, he might just hand it over to you.

Guys, what is the number one thing that melts your heart?

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