We Asked 25 People To Describe the Best Thing About Being in Love. This Is What They Said.

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Love is the most powerful emotion on the planet. It motivates us, it comforts us and it defines who we are. It drives us to do the craziest things but it also inspires us to reach new heights and follow our dreams. Love is risks, love is rewards, love is hope and love is passion. It’s such a powerful feeling and when it takes over, it engulfs your mind, body and soul. We are a world that loves…’being in love’.

From China to South Africa to USA and the UK- I asked 25 people around the world ‘what’s the best thing about being in love?’ Here’s what they said:

1)The best thing about being in love is knowing that someone has your back so to speak…that someone is always in your corner, and has your best interests at heart. And vice-versa, obviously! It’s nice to be part of a team.”

2)It’s the feeling of safety, knowing someone loves me no matter what including first thing in the morning with last night’s makeup running down my cheeks and crazy hair. Knowing that someone is there for you to support you to achieve your dreams and encourage you to take risks because they will always be your safety net and love you regardless of succeeding or failing. The best thing about being in love is knowing you have found them. The other part of you. To quote Friends, he’s my lobster. ”

3) Finding your soulmate, the better part of you and knowing that you will get to feel this happy for the rest of your life.

4)The best part of being in love is knowing that she loves me back. Always. Without a doubt or hesitation.

5) Companionship and having your best friend with you at all times.

6)The best thing about being in love is that it changes a person for the better. I’m not talking about infatuation or being in lust as that is something completely different. Being in love and being loved in return is the most wonderful feeling in the world. You’ve got someone to share your good news with and your bad news. You’ve got a sounding board when you need advice, you might get cross with that person but you’ll never stay angry for long. You think about that person all the time and you long to hear their voice. They are the only ones who calm you when you are anxious and you feel safe with them. Just being with them gives you butterflies and you can’t stop smiling. When you look at this person and think ‘I could spend the rest of my life with you’ you know you can stop looking, your life is now complete – now that is the BEST feeling.”

7) The best thing about being in love is the point where you forget about all the crap you’ve been through to get to that point. All the failed relationships, the heartbreak, the rubbish dates and the being alone. It’s the point where everything just slots together and you wake up with a smile on your face.”

8) Being with the girl of my dreams, someone I can look after and who will look after me.

9) One of the best things is that it comes when you least expect it. Being in love is not just a feeling, but it’s about supporting the other person in every way and knowing that they have your back as well. On a lighter note, it’s about having fun and you get to hang out with your best friend!”

10)Always having someone on your team.

11)I miss having someone to help fold bedsheets and always having someone to share a joke with. Love having someone that shares my passion for pickled onion monster munch, because you don’t have to worry about picked onion breath when kissing because you both have the same. Having someone to make a cup of tea for in the morning. The tea thing is like having a reason not to snooze your alarm, it’s a reason to get up in the morning.”

12)The world seems brighter, your smile is wider, and how your eyes are full of life. Your stomach is filled with butterflies and all is right with the world, even if only for one moment.”

13) I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever been fully ‘in love’, however, I think I’ve had a taste and it was the best feeling ever. There comes a point in a relationship where all of a sudden (and it is ‘all of a sudden’) you just feel completely comfortable. There’s no longer a need to feel like you’re ‘trying’ to impress your partner; you just do so naturally! There comes a point where you just feel you can share everything, whether it be possessions or emotions and you will not be judged or taken advantage of.
It’s such a strange emotion that I can’t really describe it any better than saying it’s the happiest you can ever feel. It’s a sort of ‘safe’ and feeling. Does that make sense? It’s extremely difficult to describe but I’m sure people who’ve been in love will know exactly what I mean.”

14) The best thing about being in love is being able to forget all your worries with someone and just have fun.

15)Enjoying the present and look forward to the future with your best friend.

16)I suppose the best thing about being in love is the security of knowing you have found the one person who is a constant in your life. It’s a feeling of safety when everything else in life may seem hard. It’s knowing someone for all their good and bad points, but still adoring them through and through. And its being able to forgive and forget, even if they leave their socks EVERYWHERE!”

17)Feeling the true happiness is the best thing of being in love.

18)Being in love brings life to life.

19)The best thing about being in love is finding your best friend,yourself and finding happiness everyday.

20) It’s having that feeling that you’ve got someone, you don’t have to go out looking for anything.

21) Not felt like I have been in love for some time! I’ve felt myself falling on occasions and wondered what it would feel like if I loved those people. Maybe it’s seeking reassurance, that despite my imperfections and my flaws that there is somebody out there willing to take me on! I love the bit in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams’ character, a psychologist tells ‘Will’ about how he remembers his deceased wife. How she used to fart in her sleep so much that it would wake her up and that Robin Williams would tell his wife that it was the dog because he didn’t have the heart to tell her. He said they were married for so many years and that’s the stuff he remembers! He said that’s the good stuff, the imperfections that only he knew about. For some reason that bit of the film has always stuck with me. I can’t really remember what the best thing about being in love was – maybe it’s too painful knowing that part of my heart is not being filled but I would say at a guess that it would be whatever it is that makes that relationship unique, the idiosyncrasies that form the glue to that bond.”

22) The best think about being in love is the feeling that your whole body is alive and kicking. Every cell feels happy and excited, and you get kind of light headed. There’s no worries. The down side is that your focus probably is not where it should be, regarding work, school and so on.”

23)Being in love…putting the needs of someone else before your own. Having someone else to share your dreams with and make plans with.”

24)It’s terrifyingly amazing. The best thing would be the look they give you. Can’t even describe it but it’s a look that makes you feel on top of the world like you are the most amazing thing in the world. And you feel it.”

25)The best thing is having someone that really understands you – what make you happy. Having someone to share, thoughts, ideas and times with but most of all someone who is always behind you no matter what. They say behind every man is a good woman.”

What a beautiful collection of answers – love is such a bright light that truly brings out the best in people. One of the most popular answers was having someone who is on your team/has your back – it’s about the support, that strong safety net, in good times and bad. Many people also mentioned the joy of having your best friend by your side and being able to share things in life – whether that’s dreams, a home or the little in-jokes and idiosyncrasies that only you two understand.

Another thing mentioned a lot was the constant happiness just because of that one person, and how love can make you forget about the world, even if just for a moment, when you share a special glance. Love is being 100% comfortable, sharing dreams and just knowing that you love that person and the other person loves you back.

Love is when you care about someone so much that you want nothing else but to see that other person as happy as possible. It’s sharing and opening up to another person so you make each other better and help each other grow. It’s an amazing feeling when someone can see you at your worst and your best and they still think exactly the same about you.

Wishing you all that wonderful warm tingly feeling of butterflies and excitement. If you haven’t found the right person yet, they may arrive in your life when you least expect it and now you know what you have to look forward to…

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