15 Things Every Girl Hopes for on a Date

You’ve got a hot date on the cards and you’re feeling excited. You might be about to meet the man of your dreams but there are certain things you’re hoping for from this date. Guys – if you’ve ever wondered how you can instantly be in the good books, here are the secrets about the 15 things a girl hopes for on the date.

1) The guy is on time
Punctuality is important. There’s nothing more cringeworthy than sitting solo at the restaurant and looking like you’ve been stood up, so boys, show some courtesy and always try and be there before your lady arrives.

2) He looks like his photos (if you’ve met online)
Guys – if you’re posting photos on a dating site/app, make sure they’re not ten years old or heavily photoshopped. We don’t want to be the victims of false advertising and not recognise you when you walk in!

3) He smells nice
Never underestimate the impact of a good aftershave. When a guy smells good it can really awaken all the senses and boost the attraction levels.

4) He’s a good listener
Rather than constantly interrupting and speaking over us, every girl hopes that a guy will be a good listener on a date, so ask questions and be interested in what your lady has to say.

5) Good table manners
No slurping, burping, eating with your fingers or splashing sauce everywhere. Never forget your table manners boys. Just because when you’re out with the lads, you’re used to licking your fingers and throwing ribs on the table – it doesn’t mean a girl will also appreciate this caveman-like table etiquette!

6) He doesn’t have any nasty surprises or revelations
If a guy’s profile looks perfect and we really hit it off, the last thing we want is some nasty surprises or revelations on the first date. Finding out you’ve got a wife who you still live with or kids that you failed to mention previously is a dating aspect we hope to avoid.

7) He isn’t a complainer
It’s always disappointing to discover a guy is a complainer! Whether he’s complaining about his food, his job or just life in general – all ladies hope we’re going to go on a date with someone who radiates positivity.

8) Things don’t get awkward when it comes to paying
We all hope that when it comes to paying, things don’t get awkward. We’ll go halves if you want us to, we’ll probably be thrilled if you offer to treat us, but if we offer to pay for the whole meal and you say yes, this won’t impress.

9) He doesn’t spend whole time glued to his phone/takes calls
Step away from the phone! If a guy is more focussed on checking his texts/emails/answering calls than speaking to us, it’s going to be annoying. All girls hope that the focus will be on us during the date, not a man’s mobile phone.

10) He’s taller than us (even an inch)
You don’t have to be 6ft 5, but when we’ve never met before and height hasn’t been discussed, we secretly hope you’re taller than us, even if this is only an inch!

11) He’s not a sleaze ball
It’s a real disappointment when over text a guy seems like a polite gentleman, but in person he turns into the ultimate letch who can’t keep his hands to himself. Keep that ‘wandering hand’ to yourself!

12) He arranges the date and picks somewhere good
A man in control is very desirable, so instead of leaving all the planning to us, arrange the date and pick somewhere good – a guaranteed way to impress!

13) He’s made the effort and dressed appropriately
If we’ve made the effort for a date, we always hope a guy will reciprocate. When a man turns up with scruffy ripped jeans and unwashed hair to a fancy restaurant, we’re not going to be impressed by his nonchalant attitude.

14) He isn’t a picky eater
When a guy finds fault with every item on the menu and will only eat gluten-free, lactose-free, organic ingredients, it can quickly get tiring!

15) He is complimentary
It’s always a pleasure to hear nice things on a date so if a guy is complimentary and tells us we look nice, it’s a sure-fire way to get in our good books.

So there you have it – 15 things a girl hopes for on a date. If you emanate charm and stick to these points, you’ll be well on your way to scoring yourself another date.

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