We Asked 25 Men What They Find Irresistible In a Woman and This Is What They Said

By: Rosie Valentine |

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Think of Marilyn Monroe, Megan Fox or the cartoon femme fatale ‘Jessica Rabbit’ – certain women seem to have an almost hypnotic effect on men.

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To follow on from last week’s article: ‘What Makes a Man Irresistible to Women?’, I asked 25 men around the world for their views on the qualities of ‘Miss Irresistible’.  Guys, you certainly haven’t let me down! I was really impressed by how honest and willing you were to share your views. A superb mix of thought-provoking, informative, funny and heartfelt answers.

Girls, take note…here’s the lowdown on what makes a woman irresistible to men:

1) “For me, I find a woman irresistible when she smiles. A fantastic smile is something that is hugely underrated. A smile that lights up the room or someone else’s heart.”

2) “I suppose I’ve always been into girls that are laid back and are willing to go with the flow. Sometimes it can just be a joy to chill with a pint of ice cream and watch some trashy tv, or to take a nice walk in a park. I could never see myself with someone that doesn’t appreciate a simple date. Some girls expect the sun moon and the stars every day and night, and after a while it gets tiring. All of the above, and a nice smile goes a long way in my book.”

3) “For me the girls I find irresistible are those who have an air of “I don’t care”, the ones who you can just chill with, are down to earth and are always game for trying something new (no not like that!). Long sun bleached, wavy hair, tanned skin, gorgeous eyes and an infectious smile and laugh…that’s the perfect girl right there. I don’t want dresses, heels and make up – I want a barefoot beauty who has a real passion for life.”

4) “Attainability. That’s not to say women in relationships/married. But a woman in demand will always peak another guys interest. I think that’s a very natural instinct in all men, primal even. Having said that though, me personally, being attractive only gets you so far. Driven women, ones with goals who actively pursue them. That’s sexy. To me anyway.”

5) “If a woman can make me laugh, has good self-awareness in the way that she accepts her flaws and is open-minded to different views and opinions and has an ass you can grab on to.”

6) “For me, a good sense of humor is irresistible. Not a woman that can crack funny jokes or one-liners, but someone that can participate and enjoy the back and forth of a humorous exchange or revel in observing the odd things that happen all around us.”

7)“That perfect balance between intellect, classiness and sheer out-of-this-world good looks! For me I love a girl with great legs / bum, slender build, and ideally a brunette in the region of 5’6 to 5’10!!!!”

8) “Cute, genuine, fun, kinda dorky, yet sexy. Also confidence is sexy, driven, motivated but not arrogant, they should also smell nice, like chocolate chip cookies, super brightly colored bras are also awesome, like purple or fluorescent green!”

9) “For me it’s the small things/mannerisms: smile, laugh, if she puts her hand through her hair, dress style, close with her family, similar backgrounds or interests.”

10) “A girl that’s intelligent and can keep a conversation going on several different topics over the course of an evening. Looks are great, and personality is important, but there’s nothing sexier than a really intelligent girl.”

11) “What makes women irresistible to men: well for me, I find the ordinary a bit boring. An irresistible woman to me is someone who is adventurous, passionate, intelligent, funny, one never to shy away from new experiences and one who isn’t afraid of fooling herself once in a while. I guess its the whole manic pixie complex thing but perhaps with more intelligence.”

12) “I think there’s the “I want what I can’t get” mentality to it all. For guys, if a girl is slightly stand-offish and disinterested, that only seems to heighten the sense of attraction, you know? As I’ve said in the past, irresistibleness = 50% attraction, 25% chemistry, 25% timing.”

13) “Well, she has to be funny and can take a joke, can give as good as she gets, smart, cute, kind and honest, and makes you want to better yourself each day.”

14) “She definitely can hold her own in conversation. She can be comfortable with my friends too. She must be able to take a joke and not take things too seriously. A bit of fun. Matching underwear when it matters! BIG TIME. She is ultimately irresistible when wearing my work shirt or sports shirt. Irresistibility from a guys perspective is often going to be about what she does physically. So biting her lip and acting in a naughty, playful manner is definitely going to be impossible to resist.”

15) “Quality of conversation. I enjoy talking to women who can make me laugh and find me funny but are also capable of holding an intelligent conversation. Shared interests are not essential but I am a firm believer that, if the ‘spark’ is there, mutual passions are almost contagious. It is also important to me that she places importance in looking after herself. What I do not find very attractive is the whole ‘I’ll get away with what I can whilst I’m young’ mentality. Nutrition is a big interest of mine (definitely NOT to the point of orthorexia) so I would hope that said female would be keen on taking the messages on board. Physically, I do not have a ‘type’ to speak of. However, I am a sucker for a girl who holds herself elegantly (i.e. walks with good posture and dresses nicely). A couple of my friends already know this about me but I bloody lovely a pencil skirt. On women. Not to wear myself.”

16) “I would say that a quirky personality to make her interesting. Natural beauty without make up. And not clingy at all that she still retains her independence and we each do our own stuff.”

17) “Confidence / Perspective. In my eyes nothing attracts me more than confidence. And that’s not arrogance. But it has to be genuine. Acting headstrong at work only to crumble when you get home isn’t that great. I reckon another quality I look for is a self-deprecating sense of humour. Someone you know that while loads of things wind us up, they can still take a step back and laugh. Intelligence is big, as to an extent are looks (we’re only human after all), but without the other two it wouldn’t matter!”

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18) “I guess every guy will have a different response to this question, and suppose it is not only down to the kind of guy being asked, but how he is feeling at that point and what stage of his life he is at. For example if you are hungry and you fancy something savoury, then a nice sweet cake will be very easy to pass up, but if you are in the need for a sugar rush then that cake will all of a sudden seem much more appealing. And if you’ve been starving in the desert for weeks on end then you would eat pretty much anything, if you catch my drift. This is sad but unfortunately true in my experience with my mates. However there are certain things I see in a woman that no matter what I am looking for in life or a woman I will find irresistible and inevitably will end up doing anything for!

1. The way a woman “wears” herself – By this I mean the way she holds herself, the way she moves, the confidence she has in herself. Now I don’t mean some cocky “I’m sexy and I know it” bitch that belongs on some trashy reality TV show. I mean just a subtle air of self-content, one she just knows about and doesn’t feel she has to prove or shout about! Generally this starts with a smile!

2. The way she responds and treats you – She has to be kind and responsive. She has to be giving you some of the right signals, but not too much of the come on. The old adage “If it’s easy anyone could do it” She has to let you know subtly that she might be open to you. But also on the same hand be somewhat of a challenge.

3. She has to be have a direction in her life, in whatever it is she does she has to have a drive and a passion. Something a little deeper than “I like strictly come dancing” She has to have interests that show this passion for life.

4. Be able to Laugh!

5. Most important of all, it’s about the energy, the way it feels being near her, the way she makes you feel. Her essence, what energy she effervesces. Good happy and positive vibes.”

19) “So I would say Miss Irresistible has two different faces. There’s the sexually irresistible girl and the irresistible girl you want to date. Usually the sexually irresistible girl you find at a bar/club/somewhere at night that’s dressed to kill with the body to go with it, makes a lot of eye contact with smoldering eyes and definitely shows a lot of skin. But she has mystique. She doesn’t say too much — body language is a big part of it. The irresistible girl you want to date, on the other hand, swings more to the moral side, dare I say more virginal (seeming) than her smoldering alter ego. Buuuuut sometimes they can be one in the same, and that’s what you call a KEEPER.”

20) “An irresistible woman is understanding, has a good sense of humour, is a good cook, outgoing, funny and has the same interests.”

21) “Beautiful on the inside and the outside but I like to be friends with the girl first and get to know her personality and if she laughs at my humour and is kind, I find that really irresistible.”

22) “Ambition and intelligence. Smoking good looks too but that’s a given.”

23) “For me its a meeting of minds…not having lots in common as that’s boring but rather somebody who makes you think and challenges your brain…not talking about arguing but rather intelligent conversation.”

24) “What makes a woman irresistible to men? Simple, a grasp of the human condition that extends above and beyond: it tastes better if it’s stolen. We live in a growing age of female empowerment and equality, so if you want to taste my food that I’m enjoying, go and buy your own. Oh and by the way, it’s not cute, its theft.”

25) “I’m personally attracted to natural beauty, strong personality, confident body language and values, sexual chemistry/adventure as well as the right amount of ‘touchy feely.’ If a girl is the shy and retiring type, I’m probably not the guy to coerce her wild side. She needs to confident in most situations, from asking for directions or for the best things to do on holiday, to suggesting positions or being playful in the bedroom. Sexual chemistry is only great if it leads somewhere otherwise the irresistible will quickly become the irritable. She would have strong values and show care and empathy for her family and those around her. She would be adventurous and curious, showing curiosity makes me curious…a natural beauty shouldn’t be neglected. I don’t like the fake eyelashes and orange make-up look either, makes me think that if she has a wash it may reveal a monkey. Something in between is best. A woman who takes pride in her appearance but not obsessed…”

So there you have it ladies – most guys aren’t looking for a pneumatic Barbie girl lacking a mind of her own. Instead, they are looking for a funny, sexy, confident, independent and intelligent girl who has ambition and is brave enough to pursue her goals in life. A nice smile and natural beauty came up a lot, as did stimulating conversation and someone who is easy-going and fun, as well as being a challenge. No one wants a high maintenance princess, instead they just want a girl they can relax and enjoy life with.

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