What Makes a Man Irresistible to Women?

Some men seem to have a natural ability to woo women. They don’t have to be the most good looking guys on the planet, but they just seem to have ‘it’. What is ‘it’ though? There’s a secret ingredient at work here; the X Factor, the Va Va Voom, a magical ability to make women putty in their hands.

To investigate the attraction of ‘Mr Irresistible,’ I asked 25 of my girl friends that all-important question: “what makes a man irresistible to women?

Here are the answers they came up with:

1) “It’s not anything he says, it’s not anything he does, it’s just that look in his eye…”

2) “A charmer! A man who can talk their way in and out of anything!”

3) “He makes me laugh, he’s fun, confident, independent but caring.”

4) “Knowing he is someone you can trust.”

5) “The initial butterflies in the stomach followed by the feeling of euphoria when you realise they have that flirty banter that you find irresistible!”

6) “Intelligence and an interest/curiosity in the world around them.”

7) “For me, it’s arrogance (a bit like Spencer from Made in Chelsea) and someone who is self-assured…and someone who isn’t needy. I guess this makes him irresistible, but not always likeable.”

8) “I like the strong and silent type. It adds a bit of mystery and makes getting to know them more of a challenge. No one wants boring and clingy and nothing is more of a turn off than a wannabe psychologist in touch with his feelings…it’s WET.”

9) “Someone who is intelligent without being proud or judgemental. Good sense of humour with a bright outlook on life, open to new people, new experiences and new ideas.”

10) “Loving and generous always, strives to be healthy and happy without being materialistic or egotistic.”

11) “What makes a man irresistible is when he can talk to anyone in the room, makes others feel comfortable and looks me in the eye…smelling good helps, too.”

12) “A nice smile, funny, genuinely just wants to have fun, nice triceps, buff.”

13) “He must have a good sense of humor in addition to being good looking, a great dresser, tall, dark and handsome.”

14) “For me it’s a guy who makes me laugh. Yes there needs to be that initial attraction, but I never really fancy a guy until I get to know him and know that we have a similar sense of humour!”

15) “If he’s got a sense of humour and is very kind, doesn’t take himself too seriously and will do anything for me, he’s irresistible.”

16) “If he is a perfect gentleman and greets me (for the first time) by looking into my eyes and gently kisses my hand – I would find him completely irresistible!”

17) “I think if a guy is well tailored that’s very attractive. Not in a SuperDry/metrosexual way, but more a classic British gentleman way. Also, a guy who is positive. If he smiles, laughs and generally comes across as someone who likes life, and is in control, he’ll probably get your attention.”

18) “A man who has the confidence to be himself and not be afraid to show a woman just how much he cares.”

19) “Smouldering eyes! The ‘look’! Tall and broad shoulders! The list goes on! Sharing a sense of humour is probably the most important thing once you get past looks. The first time my boyfriend had me in stitches I knew we were a perfect match.”

20) “Banter – if a man can’t make me laugh, it just won’t work. Even if he has a nice face!!”

21) “Hmmm I think that women are seeking attention and they wanna feel loved. So the guys who get all the girls, they just know the right words and know how to act in order to seduce her. They make compliments, try to be funny and gentlemanly, try to show that this woman is valuable and then get her…”

22) “I generally don’t like to give men that much credit. I’ve never really found anyone irresistible. Highly attractive, maybe. But not irresistible.”

23) “I think a guy is totally irresistible when he is confident, has intelligent, witty conversation and doesn’t try too hard.”

24) “A man who enjoys a little adventure and doesn’t take himself too seriously is irresistible. If they can take a tease in good humor and give as good as they get, they’ve got me. I find it quite charming, and very sexy. And loyalty, too. I think fidelity and loyalty are separate things, but loyalty is the most important to me – as long as they’ve got my back, I’ll always have theirs. Of course, a beard helps too.”

25) “Firstly, an amazing smile that makes you stop dead in your tracks. Followed by a witty/intelligent personality. Lastly he’s got to have a sense of adventure with a slight hint of mystery.”

So there you have it, straight talk from the ladies on what makes a guy irresistible. Some of the common traits seem to be: confidence, charm, intelligence and a guy who is funny and witty with great banter. Us ladies definitely love a guy who can make us giggle!

If I had to say what I found irresistible in a man, I would definitely agree that it’s hugely important that a guy can make me laugh and has great chat. A gorgeous smile and striking eyes may attract me initially but it’s the banter and the fun side that’s going to keep me interested! It’s all about balance – having that fun side mixed with a sexy mysterious edge too.
I find it irresistible when a guy is confident (but not arrogant), and is just really positive, sure of himself and not afraid to go for what he wants in life (whether that’s the girl he wants, or the dream job)! A guy who dresses well and is charming and gentlemanly is always a hit too.

Next week we’ll be hearing from the guys about what they find irresistible about women…I wonder if there will be any common traits?


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