karaoke date

Why Karaoke Is A Great First Date

karaoke date

Hear me out (no pun intended on this one): karaoke is a great first date. I know to some, the suggestion of a karaoke date is a horrorshow, like some twisted dating don’t. But I believe it’s actually perfect. Here’s why karaoke is a great first date. And no — you don’t have to have a great singing voice.

1.) It tackles the awkwardness of a first date head-on.

There’s already so much awkwardness in a first date, so why not tackle an awkward activity together, head-on? Just belt out “Livin’ On A Prayer” staring your right RIGHT IN THE EYES. Or, maybe, not. My point is, embrace the awkwardness. Challenge each other to only sing guilty pleasure songs. Go for it.

2.) You get to know each other’s musical interests.

The good, the bad, the good-bad. There’s so many opportunities on this date to talk about favorite bands, musicians, and songs. Personally, music is important to me, and I like to know what other people are listening to. I like to talk about music. So if you’re like me, this is a good chance to figure out what each other is into, without sounding like a music snob.

3.) It’s fun.

This one is definitely subjective, but I think karaoke is incredibly fun — definitely more fun than a coffee date. Of course, like most things, a big part about the fun in karaoke is who you go with, so for this date, make sure you pick someone on the extraverted side who would be into it.

4.) It’s silly.

It’s hard to take yourself seriously when doing karaoke, and that’s a good thing. Not only is there a lot of awkwardness on a first date, but there’s nervousness, too. And what better way to get those nerves out then by being totally goofy? Trust me, no one expects you to be Celine Dion at karaoke.

5.) It’s an excuse to drink.

Okay, okay, don’t take me too seriously on this one, and always been responsible while drinking, but how great is it to have a built in excuse? Karaoke and drinks go together like any kind of food and melted cheese (it’s good).

6.) It’s an active date.

For example, a passive date is seeing a movie — you don’t really get to interact with each other. On this date, you’re actually doing something, and that’s a great way to get to know someone. You see how someone behaves when they’re in the spotlight. And there’s actually lots of communication involved in karaoke, especially if it’s not room karaoke at you’re at a bar waiting for your turn. Then you actually have to talk to your date!

7.) It’s something you can do together.

You can do a duet! You can help each other decide which song to sing (or which drink to drink) next! It’s something that the two of you are in together. (No but seriously, drink responsibly.)

8.) It’s adrenaline-pumping.

Again, especially if you’re performing in front of a crowd, you get that sweet, sweet boost of adrenaline. It’s almost like doing sports together — but without having to actually do sports. It’s exciting!

9.) David Bowie.

On what other date do you have an excuse to incorporate David Bowie? Any time you can add David Bowie to a date, that date gets 10 points better. On a point system that involved David Bowie.

10.) You can learn a lot about by person by how they karaoke.

Are they daring? Do they drink too much? Are they willing to tackle a Jessica Simpson song? These are all the important questions in life. (No, but seriously, drink responsibly.) You learn a lot about someone when they have to perform (that’s what she said?). How they deal with pressure and how they loosen up. And really, aren’t these important things to know about someone?

What’s your idea of a great first date, and does it involve karaoke?

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