12 Signs That the Guy You’re Dating Is a Serial Womaniser

Whether you refer to him as a player, a ladies’ man or serial womaniser, we’ve all met this type of guy. He’s the one who knows exactly what to say to make every woman swoon. The ultimate charmer who’s always successful, but the big problem is that for him, one woman is never enough. Don’t be played by him ladies, if you’ve got your suspicions, here are twelve signs to look out for.

1) His phone is always going off (but he keeps it hidden)
Wow, this guy is certainly popular, but don’t be fooled. It’s not his “friend” or “colleague” texting/calling him constantly. The chances are that he’s got several ladies on the go and they’re all trying to find out what he’s up to. He may keep his phone hidden away in his pocket most of the time/on airplane mode so you don’t notice it. You can be sure that he’ll never leave it unlocked when he goes out the room and will always put it face down on the table. Some guys will even go as far as having two phones.

2) He will “slip-up” in conversation and forget things you’ve spoken about before
Juggling a lot of girls is a difficult task, so a player is bound to slip-up at some stage. Perhaps he’ll refer to a hobby you don’t have or talk about your sister when you’ve actually got a brother. He might even repeat a story that you’ve heard several times before – don’t fall for it. Players have rehearsed lines like a script that they will probably use on several girls. If you notice he’s constantly getting his facts wrong about you, the chances are he’s dating several other women and can’t keep up.

3) He takes days to reply – only being in contact the bare minimum
If a guy’s into you – and you only, he’ll make the effort to stay in touch. If, on the other hand, a guy is into you, Gwen, Jo and Iona, he’ll have to be glued to his phone 24/7 to be in regular contact with all of you. Serial womanisers, don’t devote their time to one girl, instead they keep the contact to a bare minimum and will often use work as an excuse. You’ll be out of sight, out of mind and he’ll only be interested in making the effort when you’re right in front of him.

4) He talks about commitment problems/crazy exes and always plays the victim
This type of guy knows every trick in the book, and he’ll play the reverse psychology game by claiming he’s not relationship material or has had commitment issues in the past. He’ll never confess it’s his fault though, instead he’ll claim he’s been badly hurt by an ex or use an excuse to make you feel sorry for him and want to “change him”. If this is a guy who has never had a relationship that has lasted more than a few months, that should also ring alarm bells. He’ll probably say that all his exes are crazy but he’ll never admit he’s the one in the wrong.

5) He’s all about the “Lads’ nights out”
Serial womanisers live for the weekend, and will often find themselves in the same bars with one aim – to pick up a new woman. Dating is a game to them and they won’t find interest in doing any other activities such as spending a night in. They go out with one intention only – to pick up and impress the lads.

6) He hides his tagged photos on Facebook/doesn’t have Facebook
If this guy has a lot of female friends on Facebook, but you’re on limited profile and can’t see his tagged photos, then he’s probably got something to hide (most likely pictures of him on nights out flirting with other girls). If he says he doesn’t have Facebook, don’t believe him.

7) He has a pattern of texting very late at night
This is a serial womaniser’s favourite, he’ll only think of you last thing at night – but don’t be charmed by him. Just remember, there are 24 hours he could have chosen to text you, so late at night is not acceptable. Why is he calling you at 3am instead of at 6pm? He’s probably just after one thing, and you have to ask yourself – who was he with for the rest of the day? Also, you probably aren’t the only girl he’s decided to text hi to late at night.

8) He has mastered the act of flattery
This guy flatters you like no guy ever has done before. He’ll tell you how beautiful you are, notice your new hairstyle and make you feel like the most important woman in the room. Before you know it, you’ll be wrapped around his little finger, thinking he’s the ultimate dream boy, but the sad truth is, it’s all an act. He’s learnt that sweet talking is the way to win ladies over, so he’ll know exactly how to flirt and compliment you. Talk is cheap, and his actions will speak louder than words, so if he soon disappears off the radar after he thinks he’s got you, you’ll know it was all talk.

9) He’s very cocky and over-confident
From his success rate with women – this guy knows he’s good at playing the game. The likelihood is he’ll be cocky and over-confident, crossing the line between confidence and arrogance. He’ll look around to see how many women are checking him out, whilst displaying a smug grin and eyeing up his next potential conquest.

10) He’ll only arrange dates at the last minute
If a guy really likes you, he’ll make the effort to see you and plan this is advance. A serial womaniser on the other hand is opportunistic, and is always on the prowl. He won’t want to make plans with you at the weekend, as this is potential time to go out with the lads and meet a new woman. If he’s only free on week nights, ask yourself what’s keeping him so busy at the weekend? Don’t say yes and make him a priority if he’s only making you an option.

11) He displays hot and cold behaviour
One minute he’s really into you and telling you he hasn’t met a girl like you before, the next minute, it’s complete silence, then just when you think it’s over, he gets back in touch again. The problem with a serial womaniser is that they are “plate spinners” – who will juggle several women at once, and hop between them, only giving attention to them when they think the girls could disappear. It’s really a case of stoking the fire and giving the minimum amount of attention required to keep a girl’s desire burning. If a guy does the disappearing act, don’t believe him that he’s been so busy with work that he can’t even send a text, instead be aware there are probably other girls on the scene. Also, watch out for patterns of behaviour where as soon as you start to get serious, he’ll pull away and become less keen.

12) He’ll avoid introducing you to friends and family
Yes he’ll make promises and tell you his parents would love you, but watch this guy continue to delay the opportunity for you to actually meet them. This is because you’re not the only woman in his life so he never has any intention of introducing you. He’ll keep promising but you can be sure that he’ll never deliver.

You should now feel that you’re fully fluent in the language of a serial womaniser. In summary, these boys aren’t after a committed relationship, instead they just want a list of conquests.They will do whatever they can to charm a woman, and they’re masters at this art, but now you’ve recognised the behaviour, be strong and move on. These boys make terrible boyfriends, and they are not the type you can change. If a guy seem too good to be true, remember, the likelihood is that he probably is!

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