Stop Worrying Your Man Will Cheat with the Anti-Cheating Ring

Hey ladies, have you ever been afraid that your man will be out on a wild night and cheat on you because he took his wedding ring off? Or do you fear that another gal will be able to hit on your guy simply because she didn’t know he was married? Well, worry no more because now you can just get him the Anti-Cheating Ring.

Wait, what did you just say? The Anti-Cheating Ring? How is it different from an ordinary wedding band? And how can a simple thing like a ring stop a guy from cheating?  Well, it’s pretty simple really. The ring comes with an engraving on the inside that sort of brands your man’s finger so everyone knows he’s married even if he’s prowling the town sans ring.

Yep, you read that right. For a mere $550 you can you can give your man a band that tells everyone he’s married. Literally. The band leaves a mark on his skin that reads “I’m married”. So, no matter where he goes he’ll never be able to pretend he’s single again.

Though, I think that the ring doesn’t take business trips and other extended stays into account. I mean, if your man is gone for a week or so, I’m pretty sure the mark will fade away at some point. Maybe we should look into actually branding a guy’s finger. Or how about a ring that automatically tattoos his finger. That would be amazing.

But, I’m getting a little off course here. Can we all just talk about this for a minute?

You’re preparing to walk down the aisle with the man you love. You’ve got all the details set and you go to pick out wedding bands. And that is what you think of. Seriously? You think you should probably get a ring that makes it impossible for him to ever cheat. You know, just in case he tries to. That’s so romantic. Sounds like your marriage is off to a perfect start.

First, what dude in their right mind would actually wear this ring? “It’s OK honey, really. I understand that you totally trust me and have no reason to believe I would ever do you wrong, but you want me to wear this. Just in case.” Said no man ever.

Second, I’m pretty sure if this is even a thought that you should run from the marriage before if even starts. If this has been an issue or if you think it might be I would wager a guess that you and your honey aren’t exactly on the same page when it comes to this relationship stuff.

Third, let’s not jump on the “I can’t trust other people” bandwagon. That excuse is awful and tired. If you can trust your man, you can trust your man. No one accidentally cheats and no one cheats solely based on the fact that they were hit on. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it takes to people to do the dirty work, right?

Fourth, at the end of the day, I’m not really sure how a ring is really going to stand in the way of a guy who wants to cheat. I don’t think all men are cheaters, I just think if someone really wants to cheat they will and there are people out there who often aren’t concerned if the guy is married. So that makes this little ring pretty pointless. Just sayin’.

So, no. Just no. Awful idea all around.

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  1. diamond engagement rings Avatar

    Brilliant post Jess, made me chuckle! Can’t quite believe anyone would ever really consider buying a ring like this, I mean your completely right, why even go into a marriage if there are such deep seated trust issues? I’d love to know if many people actually do buy these?! Juliet

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